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Round 5: Cornered!

(Misty Terrain prevents status ailments when its conditions are met, but it doesn't heal them.)

Smug satisfaction spreads across Irishman's face as he looks at his ailing opponent for a moment before rushing her down. Another mass of terrakinetic energy forms in his fists before he draws back and drives it into her face with similar results.

This time it seems Jenna is growling in pain though. The facade seems to be coming down. She charges again and starts...playing with Irishman...but it's starting to look more and more like an all-out assault than a game. At the end of altercation, both Pokemon seem pretty tired...

Unfortunately for Jenna, the Hitmonchan is able to set his fist ablaze and clean her clock one last time before she has a chance to put up any sort of defense.

Jenna is unable to battle! Next Pokemon and orders from Machamp-x!

Irishman is in critical condition and looking pretty tired. He likely won't be able to handle another strong hit. Type energy is the least of his worries right now, but he's completely out of Ground energy. He still has enough Fire left for another punch though, maybe a weaker one after that.

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