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Round 3: Forgetting Your Roots

Irishman is ready...he's ready to kick ass. He hears his orders...

He turns around and looks at S_o_S...

S_o_S looks back...

Irishman looks deeper...

S_o_S looks deeper still...until Irishman questions his trainer's orders.

"What is Low Sweep?"

Seems that S_o_S forgot that in order to learn his projectile punches, the Hitmonchan ditched any kicking moves...or forgot about them after too much booze.

With that in mind, he simply decides to leap back and attempt to fire off another elemental shell of energy at his opponent. Unfortunately, he seems to be aiming at the sky now, as thick strands of glowing grass catch his feet. With a small thud, Irishman hits the ground and seems a bit stunned by the trick as a smaller white hot spark shoots harmlessly into the air.

Suddenly Jenna is on top of him and decides to take charge. (Don't look at me like that, you perverts.)

With another cheery barrage, she smacks the fighter around for quite a bit of damage without dropping her benevolent facade. It doesn't look like he's fooled this time either, though. Irishman should have no trouble knocking her off next round, since she weighs next to nothing in comparison.

Finally, it seems pretty clear who's in the lead as far as health goes. Irishman is on his last legs and nearing critical reaches in that regard. While both Pokemon have an energy tie, Irishman has enough Fire energy left for another Fire Punch and a weaker one. Also a weaker Earthquake because I forgot to add that in earlier. The Mawile has enough Grass energy left for a weak Solar Beam or two more Grass Knots. Jenna's on top of Irishman but it shouldn't be hard to knock her off.

Orders from Machamp.

My Squad and Stats

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