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Round 2: More Roughhousing

The air is tense and the combatants are in close proximity! With a desire to further pray on her foe's weakness, Jenna attempts to close the gap for more "play-time".

Irishman seems tired of these games though, and quickly bops her in the face! The Hitmonchan seems pretty proud of himself as a smug grin forms on his mug. Stunned, and somewhat angry about the interruption, the Mawile goes in one more time. Again, she attacks her opponent pretty viciously but...not viciously? The hits are quite solid to be sure, but there appears to be a lighthearted look in the sequence of attacks. Creepy.

Though the fighter almost seems hesitant to carry out his next orders as surely as he usually would, he figures that this must be some sort of a ploy. Sorry, Doll. Terakinetic energy builds up in his fist before he plows it into her gut for a strong blow! Jeez, that's got to hurt.

Neither combatants used as much energy as they did in the first round, so they won't really need a break right away. However, both have taken fairly tough beatings so far. There's still no definite lead as far as health or stamina goes, but Irishman seems to be breathing a bit harder than Jenna. Proximity hasn't really changed.

S_o_S's orders.

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