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Round 1: That's not a Scott!

(Just so you know, Machamp, your Aerodactyl is a level 3 Pokemon, and having it in with Machoke is going to give both of them a chance to disobey.

Also, let the records show that I had a Mawile before all of its Gen 6 benefits because I like Mawile. If anyone has a problem with that, prepare to die.)

Here we are, in the ASB backyard with two trainers I'm unfamiliar with. Such is life.

From Son_of_Shadows(Easily the edgiest name on the forum) we see a Son of Kanto emerge from its Pokeball. With what could easily be a drunken glint in his eye, the Hitmonchan known as Irishman, shows off with a flurry of punches as it awaits its opponent. Looks like he skipped leg day though. Hopefully his footwork can compensate for his lack of any damaging kicking moves.

Machamp-X(another ASBer named after a Pokemon, but I'm sure that his name has nothing to do with what his favorite Pokemon is) responds by releasing one of my favorite Steel types, and currently my favorite Fairy type. A Mawile named Jenna appears on the field and stands sideways while facing her opponent. With a careful eye on the fighter, she has her metal jaw at the ready to strike.

Orders are volleyed, and the battle has begun!

Quick on the draw and with first order priorities, the skilled fighter has no trouble with winding back his energy-coated fist and thrusting it forward with immense power. The glowing sphere rockets through the air and explodes in Jenna's face before she has much of a chance to react. The Mawile is knocked back slightly and lands on her ass! Before bothering to get up, she decides that now is a great time to carry out her first orders and pump some Fairy magic into the earth. A soft, pink mist appears from the ground and coats the battlefield. Both combatants suddenly begin to feel healthier than normal; it'll probably be tough to affect their bodies or minds with any adverse conditions for a while.

Instead of worrying about the new environment, Irishman still seems pretty set in wrecking his opponent's shit. The Hitmonchan repeats his first move and fires another shell of fighting spirit from his fist; it has the same concussive effect from before, but Jenna isn't sent as far back this time. Finally, the Mawile gets to her feet and decides to unleash her own assault.

...But it looks like she's just playing around? With her fists...and jaw. There doesn't appear to be a lot of malice in the attack, but the fighter doesn't seem to be enjoying himself either. Overall, he looks pretty roughed up after the scuffle is over.

Both Pokemon are still pretty fresh, and there's no clear lead yet. They're within spitting distance of each other: a mere 5 feet away after the last attack.

Orders from Machamp.

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