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Challenger squads first. That's me. Let's see...

1. Jynx, "Chanteuse", (F), level 3 (uplevel)
Biography: Chanteuse belonged to a small troupe of performers, and she was their star dancer, as well as backup vocalist in many cases. But she longed for the spotlight and centre stage with her beautiful voice, feeling that her cuteness as a Smoochum and later beauty as a Jynx placed her above the rest of her troupe. This attitude got her booted to the kerb, where she happened upon SoS, performing with Theatric at the time. Joining in their performance earned her rapturous applause, and she blew kisses to the crowd... Unfortunately, the passion she put into these kisses turned out to be a little fiery, leading to the trio being run out of town as arsonists. But nevertheless, a lifelong friend and performer was made.
Signature: Special Training - Passionate Kiss
Chanteuse's kissing moves now take considerable energy to perform due to the immense amount of effort and passion in each and every one, but this passion manifests itself in fire energy. Each kiss is now half Fire energy and can deal Fire type damage as a result. The shock of these kisses allow them to inflict paralysis, but only if Chanteuse makes direct contact.
Hidden Power: Ground

2. Hitmonchan, "Irishman", (M), level 2
Biography: Irishman is known for three things. Chronic alcoholism, remarkable jigging ability, and hating the English, especially Connor. He was encountered when SoS took a trip to his local watering hole, only for the Hitmonchan to have come down from the mountains after stealing the booze of some campers and wanting more. When the bartender refused to serve the Pokémon, he went berserk, starting a bar brawl, which SoS brought to a close by cracking a pool cue on his head. This somehow earned him the boxer's respect, and they split a Guinness in celebration. As it happens, the black stuff has a profound effect on Pokémon biology however, and Irishman learned the power of ranged fighting.
Signature: Special Training - Shadow Boxing
Irishman now has the ability to launch some of his energy-based punching moves as projectiles; specifically Fire, Thunder, Ice, Drain and Dynamic Punch. However, these ranged attacks are not affected by the boosted strength of Irishman's punching attacks as defined in his species characteristic and cost an extra minor in energy to be used in this fashion, though at close range, they function as normal. However, as a consequence, he has forgotten how to use Focus Blast and kicking moves completely.
Hidden Power: Fighting

3. Staryu, "Gem" (N), level 2
Biography: TBC
Signature: TBC
Hidden Power: Ground

4. Volbeat, "Reid" (M), level 2
Biography: TBC
Signature: TBC
Hidden Power: TBC

5. Bouffalant, "Desperado" (M), level 2
Biography: This rough, tough, western buffalo is most known for his constant chewing of pebbles. SoS is yet to tell him that the cowboys of old chewed tobacco, rather than stones, but this is arguably better for his teeth anyway. Zing. From the plains of a land known as Yupien, Desperado, rather than living as part of a horde, travelled around alone, attempting to solve the problems of the plains. But no man is an island, and it's no different for Bouffalant. Desperado proved to be somewhat inept on his own, leading to his being captured while alone by SoS. As part of his "crack squad", he has come to serve as one of the heavy hitters and a powerful force to be reckoned with, known for particularly with his ability to aim precisely at a target and spit one of his chewed pebbles for spectacular effect.
Signature: Special Training - The Enemy is Your Spittoon Now
Desperado can now use Smack Down and has the required offtype energy to do so up to three times per match by spitting a pebble at his opponent.
Hidden Power: Flying

6. Pinsir, "Grit" (M), level 2
Biography: TBC
Signature: TBC
Hidden Power: TBC
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