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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Spoiler: show
Name: Static Shock
Species: Rotom
Classification: Plasma Pokemon
Item: None
Level: 25
IQ: 0
Beauty Points: 0 BP
Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0
Gender: Gender not known
Nature: Serious
Ability: Levitate
Recieved: Via Trade

Moves: Trick(--), Astonish(--), Thunder Wave(--), Thundershock(--), Confuse Ray(--), Uproar(8 ), Double Team(15), Shock Wave(22), Volt Switch, Electroweb, Signal Beam, Pain Split

Battle Record: 0W/ 0L/ 0D

To EpicSquirtle for 5 Rare Candies
Trade Opened
Trading 5 rare candies to Emi in return for their Rotom!
Thank you so much for the Rotom! I promise I'll take good care of it!
*Trade closed*
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