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Originally Posted by PikaGod View Post
Trading my Starmie to MM for $100

Trade Opened

Spoiler: show

Name: Seer
Species: Starmie
Gender: Genderless
In: Psychic Ball
How it was obtained: Trade with MarbleZone (4/4/16)
Ability: Natural Cure
Nature: Quiet
Evolution:Fully Evolved
Contest Stats:0 Cute
0 Tough
0 Beauty
0 Smart
0 Cool

Level Up Moves: Hydro Pump, Tackle, Water Gun, Harden, Rapid Spin, Recover, Swift, Confuse Ray, Bubblebeam, Camouflage
Egg/Move Tutor: None
TM/HM: Psychic, Dive, Whirlpool
It was a calm day out at sea in the Fizzytopia region. No waves, nice cool breeze, sun shining brightly... perfect conditions for setting sail. And even if you don't think so, what's important at the moment is who did think so- namely, a Pokémon Trainer known as Keith Masters.

A wooden ship was out in the waters of the sea of Fizzytopia. Were it not for a complete lack of masts, sails, and rigging, she would look very much like an old-time sailing ship. But no, there were several propellers built into her stern, and the faint sound of a quiet engine could be heard from within the hull. And standing at the helm was none other than the man himself, wearing his trademark Mega Hat upon his head, his trademark Meowth upon his shoulder, and his trademark grin upon his face.

"Ahh, it's a beautiful day, Meowth," Keith grinned as he held the steering wheel steady. "I like when we're able to just take the Banette's Revenge out for a nice, relaxing voyage."

"Yeah, same here," Meowth agreed, relaxing on Keith's shoulder. "'specially afta such a tasty lunch, too. Not a cloud in da sky, either. Just da big blue sky, da bright sun, dat black helicopter wit da red R on... da... side..."

"Oh, come on," Keith groaned, recognizing the logo on the side of the ominous aircraft. "Do we really have to deal with Team Rocket today?" However, he saw that the helicopter wasn't approaching the Banette's Revenge. Instead, it was just flying off into the distance.

"...I don't like dis," Meowth shook his head. "Dey's up ta no good, I can feel it."

"Yeah, I'm inclined to agree with that," Keith nodded. "Let's check it out." With that, he spun the wheel, turning his boat hard to port, and they headed off in pursuit of the helicopter.

It felt like they've been pursuing the helicopter for hours, but at last, they came to a somewhat small island in the middle of the sea. No other land was visible in any direction. "Yeesh," murmured Meowth. "Dis must be a deserted island."

"Weedle!" called up a voice from the deck below the helm. Hermione, one of Keith's Weedle, was once more keeping track of their whereabouts and assisting with the navigation. "Weedle Weedle Weedle Weedle!"

"Hermione's sayin' dis island's got a name," Meowth translated for Keith. "Stargazer Island."

"Huh," murmured Keith. He watched as the Team Rocket helicopter landed somewhere on the island. "Alright, let's get moving," he stated. He produced a Poké Ball and sent out a Dusknoir. "Peeves, guard ship," he stated. "I'm going ashore."

"Aye, captain," nodded Peeves, floating at the helm.

Soon, Keith was ashore. He had withdrawn Hermione, leaving Peeves to guard the ship by himself, and with Meowth on his shoulder, he went ashore. A forest lay before them, with what appeared to be something of a mountain in the distance. Perhaps the peak of this mountain, Keith wondered, was what gave Stargazer Island its name? Maybe it offered such a beautiful view of the night sky that people once flocked to this island simply to marvel at the beautiful celestial sights? But this wasn't the time to ponder that, not least of which due to the Team Rocket grunt currently crashing through the foliage, headed straight for Keith!

"Are you serious!" the grunt thundered, a Rocket Ball in his hand. "We go out of our way to find the most remote island we can to conduct our business and Masters STILL finds us!"

"Yeah, well, maybe if you guys just learned to give up already, I wouldn't have to keep butting in," Keith retorted. "For instance, the smart thing for you to do right now would be to turn around and walk away and forget you ever saw me, but are you gonna do that?"

In response, the grunt threw his Rocket Ball. "Venonat!" he exclaimed, sending out the furry purple Bug/Poison-type.

"I didn't think so," Keith nodded, throwing a Poké Ball of his own. "Chromium!" he exclaimed as his Smeargle appeared before him. "Use Dragon Rage!"

"Venonat! Psybeam!" commanded the grunt.

"Veno! Nat!" exclaimed Venonat, firing a rainbow beam of psychic energy towards Chromium.

"Smeeeaaar!" Chromium howled, firing a blast of Dragon energy. It pushed the Psybeam back and slammed into Venonat.

Keith grinned. "Now! Mega Punch, let's go!"

"Smeargle eargle!" Chromium exclaimed, charging forward, her front right paw glowing brightly. She drew it back and punched the Venonat hard. Venonat slammed into its Trainer, completely knocked out. The grunt, sputtering angrily, withdrew his Venonat and ran away.

"Good job, Chromium," Keith smiled, withdrawing his Smeargle. They continued on after that, and soon came to the foot of the mountain they'd seen earlier.

"...Whoa," Meowth murmured. The mountain looked even taller than it had looked previously. And what was more, there was an opening right before them, leading right into the huge mountain.

"Well, we might as well," Keith stated. Meowth wasn't so sure about this, but he said nothing as Keith walked into the cave.

After following a rough, rocky corridor for several minutes, Keith found himself in a huge cavern. It was laden with modern machinery that the Rockets had to have brought in themselves. Moreover, numerous cages were sitting all around, each one containing a different Pokémon. Keith was about to approach the nearest cage, which was currently imprisoning an Azumarill, before he heard footsteps. Much as he was willing to fight Team Rocket, Keith didn't know how many he might be up against at once here, so for the moment, he hid behind a large machine.

"Heh, this was a great idea," came a voice as two grunts entered the large cavern from a different corridor. "Nice remote location, we can store everything we find here until we're ready to send 'em to the boss. Gotta hand it to the Executive for thinking of this one."

"Yeah, you bet," agreed the other grunt. "Not just that, but for keeping cool, considering he's the last of the Rocket Executives. Wish the boss would go ahead and promote some more Executives, though... Hey- maybe if we bring him enough stolen Pokémon, one of us could get the promotion!"

"Hah, yeah, that'd be great!" laughed the first grunt. "And you know what? If we take credit for that big catch back there, we'll be promoted for sure!" The grunts chuckled gleefully at this notion as they walked off into yet another corridor.

"Big catch?" Meowth whispered to Keith. "Wat could dey be talkin' about?"

"No clue," Keith whispered back, eyeing the corridor the grunts had emerged from in the first place. "But let's find out." With that, he crept out from behind the machine and into the corridor. This was another winding, twisting, turning corridor, one that was almost certainly formed naturally. And eventually, it brought Keith to a small room. Before he could do much more than register the fact that the room was small, a ringing voice sounded in his head.


"What the-" Keith began. He realized that someone or something was attempting to communicate with him telepathically, and upon glancing around, he soon found what he knew to be the source. A purple creature, its ten arms held in place by numerous shackles. Further metal restraints were covering up what Keith knew was a red gemstone in the center. He took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the creature.

"Starmie, the Mysterious Pokémon, and the evolved form of Staryu," said Keith's Pokédex. "Starmie's geometric body initially led people to suspect it was an alien creature from space. The core of its body can glow with the seven colors of the rainbow."

The Starmie's telepathic voice could be heard again. LEAVE ME ALONE!! Keith, however, did not budge- there was something pleading, almost desperate about the Starmie's tone, beneath the anger.

"It's OK, Starmie," Keith said. "I'm here to help-"

LIES! interrupted Starmie. I was fool enough to believe the last human who said they were here to help me, and that's how I ended up here to begin with!

"Yeah, well, you don't have to take my word for it," Keith responded as he approached Starmie and inspected the many shackles holding its arms in place. "Meowth, think you're up for a little lockpicking?"

"Am I ever not up fer a little lockpickin'?" Meowth grinned, setting to work.

For a few minutes, Starmie stayed quiet. However, when about half of its arms were freed, it telepathically spoke up again. Why are you helping me?

"Well, why wouldn't I help you?" Keith asked as he helped Meowth detach the shackles. "It's not right of Team Rocket to just keep you chained up against your will. Haven't you ever known any decent humans before?" he asked.

...A few, conceded Starmie. I have been around for a long time and have seen many things. I... apologize for shouting at you, it added. I am... quite vulnerable in this state. If you wanted to attack me, I would be powerless to defend myself.

"That'd do it, alright," Keith nodded as Meowth worked at the final shackle. "Well, you'll be happy to know that I'm hoping to free all the Pokémon Team Rocket's got holed up here, and if possible, shut down their operation here altogether."

Ambitious, Starmie remarked, an approving tone to its telepathy. Perhaps, if your words are sincere, I could assist you.

Keith smiled as the final shackle was removed. "I'd like that," he replied. "Now, let's get this metal thing off of you," he added, indicating the metal plate chained to Starmie, obscuring its gem, At this, Starmie turned around- the lock holding the chains together was on its back. Meowth picked this lock as well, and the chains fell away.

Ahhh, that's much better, Starmie said telepathically, wheeling back around, its bright red core visible at last. Whatever devilry that metal was, it was impeding my ability to attack.

"OK, Masters," came a voice from behind Keith, which promptly got him to stop smiling. "I dunno how the hell you found us here, but I can't very well let you get away, now can I?" Keith wheeled around- a Rocket grunt was standing in the entrance to the room. "Especially not with that Starmie- that's a personal gift for the boss."

"Yeah, well, sucks to be your boss," Keith retorted. "Just buy him a necktie or a coffee mug instead. Now, whether you'll excuse me or not, I got better things to do than to waste time with you."

"Yeah? Well, unfortunately for you, I ain't got better things to do," sneered the grunt, as he sent out a Golbat and a Houndoom. "Oh, and before I forget," he added, pressing a button on a small remote control-like object clipped to his belt. Keith groaned, realizing what this was- sure enough, he tried to send out Chromium, but pressing the button on the Poké Ball did not enlarge it.

"Gah... I really, really hate those devices," Keith stated. "Meowth, let's go!" he added, and the Normal-type jumped off his shoulder to take on Golbat and Houndoom. And then, to Keith's surprise, the Water/Psychic-type jumped in, standing beside Meowth. "Wha- Starmie?" Keith asked, surprised.

Command me, Starmie telepathically responded. I am not completely convinced of your trustworthiness just yet, but I fear you less than I fear that man.

Keith shrugged. "Works for me," he agreed. He consulted his Pokédex for a list of Starmie's attacks, then turned his attention to the battle that was about to unfold.

"Golbat! Leech Life that Starmie!" ordered the grunt. "Houndoom! Use Flamethrower on Meowth!"

"Meowth, Water Pulse! Starmie, Hydro Pump!" Keith commanded.

Meowth charged up a sphere of water and tossed it at the oncoming Flamethrower, pushing the Fire move back. Starmie, meanwhile, let fly a high-pressure torrent of water that blasted Golbat backwards. Golbat was slammed into the cave wall, managing to just barely get back into the air at the same time Houndoom finally took the Water Pulse attack. The Dark/Fire-type skidded backwards.

"Gah! Houndoom, now use Dark Pulse on Starmie!" ordered the grunt. "Golbat, Bite Meowth!"

"Meowth, use Thunderbolt!" Keith ordered. "Starmie, use Camouflage!"

Meowth crackled with electricity, blasting the oncoming Golbat with a bolt of lightning. At the same time, Starmie changed colors to match the surroundings exactly, and deftly dodged the Dark Pulse. Exactly where it had gone, Houndoom could not see, but a brief, surreptitious flash of its core told Keith that it was in perfect position to strike.

Keith grinned. "Now! Use Hydro Pump once more, Starmie!" he said.

Starmie's colors changed back to normal at the same instant it fired another powerful Hydro Pump, this one aimed at Houndoom. This was enough to take out Houndoom, and at the same time, Meowth's Thunderbolt was the straw that broke the Numel's back for Golbat.

"You won't get away with this," snarled the grunt as he withdrew his Pokémon. "Once I alert the others, you won't be able to leave-"

"Starmie, use Psychic," Keith interrupted. "Might as well put those shackles to good use, right?"

I like how you think, came Starmie's response as its core flashed brightly. The grunt was swiftly immobilized. Starmie then levitated the grunt over to the shackles and fastened four of the ten shackles to him, two to his wrists, and two to his ankles.

"Nice," Keith grinned. "Alright- let's get going, we got some Pokémon to free!" With that, he led the way back to the main room. Starmie followed along behind him, its opinion of Keith improving by the minute. By the time they reached the main room, however, Keith was met with a rather alarming sight.

Rocket grunts. Dozens of them. All of their eyes focused right on Keith, Meowth, and Starmie. "Heh," sneered one of the grunts. "You think we couldn't see your stupid ship from our helicopter? What a dumbass! Oh, man, this is gonna be sweet-"

"Now, now," came a voice from across the room. One man was stepping forward, clad in the usual Team Rocket Executive attire, with a head of jet-black hair neatly combed. "You all don't need to wear our your Pokémon against our... esteemed guest," he said with the slightest trace of a chuckle. "His Poké Balls are disabled, all he has is that Meowth, and the Starmie distrusts humans as a whole right about now. Allow me," he said. "It would give me distinct pleasure to take out this threat."

"But sir-" protested one of the grunts.

"Excuse me," interrupted the unknown Executive. His expression and tone hadn't changed, but he seemed much more threatening in that moment somehow. "When I said 'allow me', I was not making a request. That was an order from your Executive, and is to be treated as such. Do I make myself clear?"

"...Yes, sir," mumbled the grunt quietly.

"Glad we cleared that up," smirked the Executive before turning back to Keith. "Now, then. Keith Golbatson Masters." He shook his head. "You, sir, have been a perpetual, persistent, and painful thorn in Team Rocket's side. And you know what we do with thorns in our side? Why, we remove them. From existence."

"Yeah, well, others have tried," Keith retorted. "They can back me up on this when I say, easier said than done."

"Oh, no doubt," chuckled the Executive. "You've bested some of Team Rocket's best. Shadow Greg, the master of Shadow Pokémon. Tough-as-nails Jet, a top-notch tactician. And Remy, the poisonous master of sleep. But see, now it is I you have to deal with- the right-hand man of Mr. Giovanni himself. The strongest of Team Rocket's four executives. The-"

"-biggest braggart Team Rocket has to offer?" interrupted Keith. He heard a stifled chuckle in his head, and was momentarily confused before realizing it came from Starmie.

"And why shouldn't I brag?" smirked the Executive. "Enter Executive Elmer, the emissary of excellence. And now," smirked Elmer, taking a pair of Rocket Balls off his belt. "Fall before me!" And he threw the Rocket Balls. "Enter Electivire and Exploud!" he exclaimed.

Keith gritted his teeth- Electivire was something he'd seen before- his friend Jake owned one, and had used in battle against him before- but Exploud wasn't quite as familiar a sight. He took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the Exploud.

"Exploud, the Loud Noise Pokémon, the evolved form of Loudred, and the final evolved form of Whismur," said the Pokédex. "Exploud emits various noises from the ports all over its body to convey its feelings to others. If it inhales suddenly from every port at once, it is preparing to unleash a massive and thunderous bellow."

"OK, we gotta try this," Keith stated. "Meowth, Starmie, let's go!"

"Right!" Meowth exclaimed, jumping off of Keith's shoulder.

Let's do it, agreed Starmie, standing beside Meowth.

Keith smirked at the look of surprise on Elmer's face- he recalled the Executive falsely believing Starmie to mistrust all humans. "OK! Meowth, use Fury Swipes on Electivire!" he ordered. "Starmie, use Psychic on Exploud!"

"Ion Deluge and Boomburst!" exclaimed Elmer.

"Viiiiire!" exclaimed Electivire, raining down blue sparks upon the whole battlefield. Meowth charged Electivire down, swiping away, but for some reason, the attack didn't seem to hurt it at all!

"Eeeeeex.... PLOOOOOUUUUUUD!!!" Exploud bellowed, unleashing a forceful Boomburst. Meowth and especially Starmie were hit hard by the powerful move, but again, Electivire didn't seem harmed at all.

"What the..." Keith murmured. "Meowth, why didn't Fury Swipes work?" he asked.

Because of Ion Deluge, Starmie's voice sounded in Keith's head as it assaulted Exploud with Psychic. It's a move that turns Normal moves into Electric moves. This makes them able to activate-

"-Motor Drive!" Keith exclaimed, catching on to what Starmie was trying to tell him. Oh, this was not good. "Meowth, quick, use Hypnosis on Electivire!"

"Uproar, Exploud!" commanded Elmer.

Exploud inhaled through every hole on its body, and let loose a continuous chaotic scream. Meowth locked eyes with Electivire, but the Uproar made it impossible for the Electric-type to go to sleep.

"And now," smirked Elmer. "Electivire, Wild Charge!"

"Meowth, use Icy Wind, now!" Keith ordered. "Starmie, use Camouflage!"

Starmie changed colors to match the interior of the cave. Electivire still made contact with Wild Charge, but since Starmie was now a Rock-type, the move didn't have quite the same impact. Even so, as Meowth breathed out a blast of frigid wind at both enemies, Keith noticed that Starmie's core had started blinking. He couldn't say for certain, but he had a feeling this was not a good thing.

"YEEEOWWW!" Meowth exclaimed, covering up his ears as Exploud continued the Uproar. "LITTLE HELP HERE?!"

"Meowth, shut it up with Zap Cannon!" Keith ordered. "Starmie, Recover!"

"Electivire, intercept it!" ordered Elmer.

Starmie started to heal itself, while Meowth fired off a Zap Cannon. Electivire jumped into the path of the Zap Cannon, causing Keith to tense up with horror- the last thing that thing needed was more speed! But the erratic orb of electricity missed its new target, to Keith's relief- for once, Zap Cannon's infamously shoddy accuracy was working in his favor! And what was more, Exploud's Uproar died down at that point.

"Alright, let's turn this around!" Keith declared. "Meowth, use Swift! Starmie, Hydro Pump!"

Elmer smirked. "Use Ion Deluge!" he said to Electivire.

"Viiiiire!" Electivire exclaimed, once again raining blue sparks down on the battlefield. Starmie went first with a powerful Hydro Pump, striking Exploud for great damage.

"Fool," smirked Elmer. "Don't you know that this makes Swift an Electric move?"

"I do indeed," Keith smirked back as Meowth fired off Swift. The now-electrified stars struck both Electivire and Exploud. Electivire, of course, took the attack with no ill effects thanks to Motor Drive. Exploud, on the other hand, cried out as the electricity reacted with its soaking-wet body. Before Elmer remembered that fundamental fact, that water conducts electricity, Exploud had fainted on the spot.

"Let's finish this!" Keith exclaimed, his full attention now on the lone Electivire. "Meowth, Dig! Starmie, Psychic!"

As Meowth burrowed underground, Starmie's core flashed, and Electivire found itself being held in place and hurt by a telekinetic force. And what was more, the Psychic attack ensured Electivire could not dodge Meowth as he popped back up from underground, striking for super effective damage. This was the straw that broke the Numel's back, and Electivire fainted as well.

"Gah..." grumbled Elmer as he withdrew Electivire and Exploud. "Alright, I suppose I should've expected a bit of excellence from you. But if you think this is over," he added with a smirk, producing four more Rocket Balls. "Oh, you sad, sad Stunfisk."

Keith, came Starmie's voice in his head. Exactly thirty minutes have elapsed since that oaf activated the Poké Ball disabling device. I believe that means your Poké Balls should be functional once more.

Keith needed no further prompting. "NOW!" he exclaimed, throwing four Poké Balls at once. Chromium and Hermione materialized, as nonthreatening as they looked. Much more threatening, on the other hand, were the Haxorus and Venusaur that appeared from the other two balls. "Meowth, pick the locks," he added in a whisper. "Let out the caged Pokémon so they can either flee or help us fight!"

"Right," Meowth whispered back. Under cover of the devastating Hyper Beam Norbert unleashed, Meowth started picking cage locks.

Half the Rockets fled in fear as Keith sent out his Pokémon. The other half started to send out their Pokémon in what soon became a chaotic free-for-all. Starmie joined in on the fight alongside Keith's Pokémon, and it was joined quite soon by some of the caged Pokémon once Meowth had freed them. The Azumarill from before was among them, along with a Pelipper, a Swanna, a Klinklang, a Donphan, a Floatzel, and many others. A lot of the caged Pokémon simply fled the cave upon being freed, and Keith couldn't blame them.

Another half-hour passed before the battle started to die down. All of the remaining grunts had fled by this point, their Pokémon taken out. A bunch of the caged Pokémon had fainted as well, as had Chromium, prompting Keith to withdraw the Smeargle. Some of the freed Pokémon had abandoned the fight upon taking too much damage for their liking, too. Right now, it was down to Elmer and his Electrode and Exeggutor against Keith, his Pokémon, and Starmie.

"Let's wrap this up!" Keith stated. "Dennis, use Sludge on Exeggutor! Starmie, use Hydro Pump on Electrode!"

"Light Screen!" Elmer exclaimed defiantly. "Exeggutor, Egg Bomb!"

"Exeggutor!" exclaimed all three of Exeggutor's heads simultaneously as it fired off explosive eggs at Dennis. The Venusaur grunted, but launched the Sludge all the same, only for it to be partly deflected by Electrode's Light Screen. Despite this, all the damage Exeggutor had taken previously finally caught up to it, and the arboreal adversary collapsed on the spot. And then, Starmie unleashed Psychic at Electrode, but again, the Light Screen blocked the worst of it.

"Just give up," smirked Keith. "Team Rocket is finished. You've failed. All the Pokémon have gone free."

"Heh... You think I'm just gonna come quietly, boy?" chuckled Elmer. "Oh, hell, no. Executive Elmer, emissary of excellence, does not just come quietly. He goes out with a bang. You're right about one thing, boy- I'm finished. But," he added, his grin becoming much more diabolical, "so are you. Electrode... Explosion!"

Keith's smug smirk vanished at these words. Was this man insane?! Explosion inside a cave?! That would cause the cave to...!

"Oh, yes," cackled Elmer as Electrode slowly started glowing. "This whole damn cave is coming down! I'm going down, and I'm taking you with me, Masters! I'll see you in the Distortion World!"

NO! Starmie exclaimed telepathically. The next thing Keith knew, he was being picked up via Psychic. Hastily he withdrew his Pokémon- Meowth included, as this was an emergency- as Starmie practically dragged him out of the cave. Elmer didn't even seem to notice- he was lost in the insane fits of laughter that would be his last, for as they cleared the mouth of the cave and went back into the forest, the Explosion rocked the cave. Dust and dirt flew out of the mouth of the cave, loud rumbling and crashing sounds could be heard from within, and when the dust cleared, the entrance of the cave was completely blocked off by fallen rocks.

"...Geez!" Keith exclaimed once he found his voice. "I knew Team Rocket's executives were a bunch of kooks, but this guy takes the cake!" Meowth emerged from his Poké Ball once more, panting heavily as he clutched Keith's shoulder as if for dear life. "It's OK, Meowth, we made it," Keith said reassuringly. "Thanks to Starmie." He then turned to the Water/Psychic-type. "Hey, Starmie," he added. "Thanks for saving us."

I could have more easily fled the cave by myself and saved my own skin, Starmie responded. But... I fear you less than most things now.

Keith smiled. "Thanks," he said. "So, what will you do now? Do you have a Trainer to go back to?"

I have had Trainers in the past, Starmie responded. Many different Trainers. Like I told you, I have been around for a long time, and have seen many things. Currently, however, no, I have no Trainer... Keith, Starmie continued.

"Yeah?" asked Keith. He had a shrewd idea what Starmie was getting at.

Would it be OK if I were to... join your team? Starmie asked. I am quite convinced of your trustworthiness now, and I believe what transpired back in the cave proves that you and I make a formidable team.

Keith's smile widened. "I couldn't agree more," he said to the Starmie. "A Pokémon as cool as you, I'd love to have you aboard." As he spoke, he dug a purple Poké Ball out of his backpack, and offered it to Starmie. It was a Psychic Ball, one he had only just recently purchased from a somewhat shady Poké Ball merchant in Yupien City for 100.

Starmie's core flashed. A Psychic Ball, it remarked with interest. Optimized for the capture of Psychic-type Pokémon such as myself, and quite like the ball my previous Trainer provided me with. A fine choice, I believe. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would say it's the exact same ball. Now... do you wish for me to go by a nickname? it asked.

"That's your call," shrugged Keith. "What was your nickname before, if you even had one?"

I had several, said Starmie. Some called me Nova. Some called me Seer. I would accept either nickname, or if you have an idea of your own, I would like to hear it.

"Hmm..." Keith murmured. "Well, one name is coming to me," he admitted. "What would you say about the name Andromeda?"

Andromeda... I like it, decided Starmie. If you wish to call me this, I will happily answer to it.

"Then it's decided," Keith smiled. "Now! Go, Psychic Ball!" And he heaved the ball forward. It struck the Starmie's core, pulled it inside, and snapped shut. It rocked on the ground back and forth several times, and then it fell still. Keith grinned as he picked up the Psychic Ball containing his new Starmie. "All right!" he exclaimed, holding up the Psychic Ball. "I just caught... a Starmie!"

"Meowth, dat's right!" Meowth added.

"Yeah," Keith chuckled, still grinning. "Alright, Meowth, let's get back to the ship and head on home, hmm? Andromeda's got a lot of new teammates to meet."

OOC: Trading 100 to PG for his level 25 Starmie. Andromeda's in good hands, man.

*Trade Closed*

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