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Spoilers for Cosmo's run of Wind Waker:

Spoiler: show
Circa the boss fight with Ganon's bird.

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Aww, poor Cosmo! ^^; He seemed so deflated when he messed up the execution of that one boss-skipping glitch. I'm not sure if the current run was going to be World Record territory anyway: he'd made enough smaller errors earlier on that I figured it probably wouldn't be, but he seemed so crushed by missing the successful execution of that one tactic on the first try that I can't help but wonder.

I've only watched random bits here or there, but the two big chunks I've seen were the first thirty-odd minutes and then the most recent thirty or so minutes.

Spoiler: show
Segment 1 that I saw: start of the game thru to arrival at Dragon Roost Island. Had to shut down the computer and felt like taking a break anyway.

Segment 2 that I saw: turned it on while I ate my dinner and happened to catch 90% of his run of the temple with the moving statues and watched from there to ... well, to the present location, which is Tetra discovering that she's Princess Zelda the reincarnation of Princess Zelda the great-granddaughter of Princess Zelda god this part of the story sends such mixed messages! Anyway ... he just warped to the fairy island.
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