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Jirachi The Tri-Jewel Invitational

Hoenn, a land of delicate balance, where land and sea comingle under the same blue sky. It is also a land of extremes, from the boiling summit of Mt. Chimney to the frozen depths of Shoal Cave. From these extremes springs a well of diversity, from deserts, to jungles, from lakes, to savannahs. Eight elite trainers will fight to see who can overcome this these colorful environments and best their foes to become the champion of the Hoenn Region. Welcome to...

The Tri-Jewel Invitational!

In celebration of the release of ORAS and to complement the Up and Comer's Conference on SPPf, I am hosting a small tournament for the top contenders in all of ASB here on UPN. Since this will be a somewhat informal vet tourney, we're going to be doing things a little differently. The rules are as follows:
  • There will be 8 participants. Each will be invited via PM. When an invitation is received, they will post in this thread confirming their invitation, alongside a squad of 9 eligible Pokémon. Only Pokémon found in the Hoenn Dex are eligible (evos of Hoenn 'dex Pokémon not in the 'dex may be deevoed for the tourney). Sigs and attachables (including Mega Stones) are off, but Hidden Powers are allowed.
  • Battles will be 2 vs 2, Hidden Squad, Return = OK, 96 HR DQ, Slapstick, Equilevel. We will be also using pre-Gen VI typecharts, meaning no Fairies and Steel gets back its two resistances. Fairy attacks are still usable but will be considered NO.
  • We will be doing Double Elimination. Arenas will be assigned based on bracket, with the Winners bracket using Aqua-themed arenas and the Losers bracket using Magma-themed arenas. See below for a list of arenas.

*dumps TJI arenas*

Spoiler: show
Route 109 - Slateport Beach (Outdoor Arena) - A sunny, warm beach on the shore of Route 109, leading right up to the edge of Slateport. The beach is rather flat and made of a shiny white sand, making visibility a little low at a distance. Off the coast, the shelf dips off significantly, becoming quite deep just off the shore. A handful of meters off the coast, there are also a number of smaller sandbanks, which are generally large enough to hold two Pokémon. Additionally, the beach is littered with large beach umbrellas and plastic beach chairs, which can be used to hide or as weapons, but they're fairly flimsy and fall apart against attacks. The banks are also littered with abandonded chairs and umbrellas.

Sootopolis City - Bay (Outdoor Arena) - The cool, shallow, salty bay in the center of the Sootopolis crater, fed by the cool currents that churn in the crevices below. Despite the series of caves and crevices below sealevel, the rather large pool in the center of the city is ony a handful of yards deep, a little shallower than the average swimming pool. On either side of the pool, there are grassy areas that run up against the cliffs of the city, though they're blocked off by mysterious forcefields. In roughly the center of the city, a little set back, there is an island that holds the Sootopolis Gym, taking up a significant chunk of the area.

Abandoned Ship - Deck (Outdoor Arena) - The deck of the S.S. Cactus, better known as the Abandoned Ship, the wrecked ocean liner found on Route 108. The deck, where the battle starts, is multitiered, starting on the highest tier. The top tier is about 40 x 40 meters, with each tier below it connected by a latter with about 5 meters on all sides. All the tiers have large piles of rusting steel bars, which can be used for hiding. There are also a number of holes in the floor, which lead to flooded rooms below, each about 10 by 10 meters. The holes are fairly small, but can be broken with some force. The rooms below are connected by small hallways, and spill out into a larger room that spills into the sea.

EverGrande City - Waterfall (Outdoor Arena) - The picturesque waterfall that marks the entrance of to EverGrande City, the seat of the Hoenn League. This waterfall cascades from a rather high cliff, coming from a rather high pool fed by an outflow of water from inside Victory Road. The battlers start atop the cliff in the flowery field outside Victory Road (currently sealed off), fighting on a rather flat and broad plateau atop the cliff. Battlers may move into the pond that feeds the waterfall if they wish, though the area is fairly shallow. Additionally, they can take the waterfall down to the oceanscape of Route 128 or fight among the steep cliffs. If a Pokémon is forced off the waterfall, they will be caught by updrafts that will deliver them to the surface, only taking moderate damage from the fall. Additionally, though rocky, the cliffs do have some areas for perching and some small, grassy outcroppings that can be fought on. The waterfall is broad though not terribly powerful, and can be climbed.

Team Aqua Hideout (Indoor Arena) - The depths of the hideout of the nefarious Team Aqua, just east of the city of Lilycove. This subterrainian chamber is filled with a large variety of strange, whirring machines that can be used as cover, as well as piles of steel bars that can be used for attacks by stronger Pokémon, or as cover for others. In the far corner, there is a fairly large pool of water, fed by the ocean outside, that serves as the docking bay for the submarine Team Aqua stole from the Slateport dock. The submarine is docked here, and can be climbed on or perched upon, though the fairly round and slick nature of its surfaces might make standing a little difficult. The dank and musty environment, as well as the constant drip of water from condensation on the ceiling make the arena feel as if it is under the influence of rain, despite being indoors and underground.

Fallarbor Town & Route 113 (Outdoor Arena) - A small farming community at the base of Mt. Chimney, covered in a layer of fine ash that falls from the mountain. Battlers begin just outside town among the ashy fields of loamy soil, filled with a variety of berry sprouts. The rather soft soil makes using Ground attacks like Earthquake a little bit less effective, but the firm ground on the paths that divide the plots has no problem transferring the energy. If the battle travels east, the battlers will come across tall grass covered in ash, which can be used for cover. To the west is the town proper, which has a number of small buildings that can be used for hiding as well.

Meteor Falls - Main Chamber (Indoor Arena) - An impressive cave dotted with meteor craters with a series of cascades within. The main chamber of this cave consists of a number of fairly gradual drops, plateauing in the middle, where the battlers start. The center platform is bordered by a pool of water that cascades into falls one one side, fed by a waterfall above. A sturdy wooden bridge connects the platform to the cave exit on the other side. On the other side, there is a series of slippery, sandy cliffs that can be easily ridden down but are hard to scale due to their rather slick nature, though a series of stairs to their right can be used to climb back up.

Route 111 - Desert (Outdoor Arena) - This sandy desert sitting in the rainshadow of the Mt. Chimey, whipped by dusty winds and fierce sandstorms. In the middle of an otherwise temperate climate, this desert is heated not only by the sun, but by the floes of lava underneath it, giving it a pleasantly warm, though awfully dry climate. The desert is constantly beaten by a fairly powerful sandstorm, which reduces visibility considerably. However, in the center of the desert where the battle starts, there is a slight pocket of air that has calmed the fierce sands. The ground, being entirely made of sand, is easily dug through but does not conduct Ground energy particularly well, making EQs slightly less effective. Every round, there is a 10% chance that a sandstorm will whip up, lasting until the start of the next round. When the sandstorm fades, Mirage Tower will appear, and though it cannot be entered, its sandstone structure can be fought on or around.

Jagged Pass (Outdoor Arena) - The south face of Mt. Chimney, a jagged cliffside covered in volcanic ash. The battlers begin near the head of the pass, just beyond Mt. Chimney's boiling crater. The cliffs are fairly steep, though the drops can be fairly easily traversed, going up and down. Each level has a fairly large area to stand on, many of which have fairly significant patches of ashy, tall grass. The soft, volcanic rock, however, is somewhat unstable, and using ground-altering techniques may be somewhat dangerous if one is too close to the edge!

Lavaridge Town - Hot Springs (Outdoor Arena) - A quaint town at the base of Mt. Chimney, filled with hot springs warmed by thermal vents from the boilng magma below. Battlers start among the hot springs in the sandy area that surrounds them. Though the sand allows for easy digging, the water from the spring has compacted it enough to allow for easy transfer of Ground energy. The numerous springs that dot the area are filled with pleasantly warm water, warm enough to relax but not too hot that it might burn. Pokémon who enter the hot springs will feel immediately relaxed, resetting their mental state. Due to the rather warm nature of the water, any attacks that employ this water will make targets that dislike heat rather uncomfortable, though they will deal no extra damage.

Mt. Chimney - Peak (Outdoor Arena) - The intimidating peak of the active volcano, Mt. Chimney. In spite of the mountain's considerable height, the peak is fairly level in many places, especially near the volcanic crater. As an active volcano, Mt. Chimney's crater is filled with bubbling lava, though there is a decent distance separating the battlers from the magma. A system put in place by Team Magma creates a forcefield around the pit, however, that can only be passed through by Fire-type Pokémon, allowing Pokémon that prefer the magma to take advantage of it, but which repels others, allowing non-Fire Pokémon to stand just above it. The magma pit also has some large rock outcroppings that can be used for footing. The soft, volcanic rock, however, is somewhat unstable, and using ground-altering techniques may be somewhat dangerous if one is too close to the edge!

Team Magma Hideout (Indoor Arena) - The depths of the hideout of the nefarious Team Magma, hidden in the face of Mt. Chimney. The cave in which the battlers fight is deep within the volcano, in a steamy cave, filled with whirring machines that can be used for cover. The cave itself is made of fairly stable rock, allowing for use of arena-mainuplating moves. The intense heat and light generated by the large pool of magma in the center of the room makes it appear as if it were under the influence of bright sunlight. A system put in place by Team Magma creates a forcefield around the pit, however, that can only be passed through by Fire-type Pokémon, allowing Pokémon that prefer the magma to take advantage of it, but which repels others, allowing non-Fire Pokémon to stand just above it.

Cave of Origin (Indoor Arena) - The Cave of Origin, the shrine to the clashing forces of land and sea, located deep below Sootopolis City. The shrine exists as a symbol of the constant battle between these forces, made even clearer by the clash that now exists within the cave itself. On one side, a flow of water cascades into the arena, meeting a floe of lava on the other, creating a significant stone platform in the center where the battlers fight. Both of these cascades have created small, shallow pools that can be used for fighting (though the magma has a Team Magma's forcefield over it to prevent accidents!) or used in moves.

Sky Pillar - Zenith (Outdoor Arena) - The top floor of the Sky Pillar, a gigantic structure that stretches up above the clouds. The pillar's roof is a two-tiered stone structure, dotted with a number of moderately sized boulders. Despite it's age, the pillar is quite sturdy, allowing for the use of ground-based moves. Although it is open to the air, due to being well above the cloud line, no weather manipulating moves can be used and will fail if attempted. There are a number of drafts that surround the tower that can be ridden by flying Pokémon, and also supply the tower with a constant supply of oxygen, causing battlers to tire a little less quickly than average.
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