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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
I think you should make decisions on how to manage food.

A lot of college students get overweight fast, because a heavy course load eats away from time devoted to cooking, so they go junk food. It is important to not fall into that trap since excess weight will also impact your self-esteem, self-respect and ability to study. "dedication" comes from the same source, so it's dissonant to be devoted to studies but not devoted to fitness at the same time. Usually, there is correlation unless someone is running off past experiences.
Thisis a pretty good post over all, but the part about food management and gaining weight is very true. It happened to me and it was terrible. If you have a dining plan where you go, use their sandwich bar and seek out the fresh greens instead of going straight to comfort food after a stressful day.

EDIT: Also, you need to use the library at your school. Your dorm room often isn't going to be ideal for studying because it contains too many distractions. The library should let you hunker down for a while and focus on your work without getting too distracted (except by the internet). Libraries also have comfy chairs that your dorm won't and they often run some pretty cool academic, professional, and cultural events out of the library that you could take part in. Libraries are also good for working in groups and offer more table space than a dorm room.

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