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I have a few things!

1. Heather has a point, though I super don't agree with her way of going about it. There's a great website called where students post reviews of professors! Provided that a student has reviewed one of your professors, you can get the lowdown on whether or not they're a good teacher without, you know, being racist.

2. Concept is right about pretty much everything, especially about going to unrequired freshmen events. I mean, you're paying for them to happen independent of whether or not you go, so you may as well go! They tend to be interesting anyway.

3. Go to office hours with your professors. Every time I've gone, I've come out 15-20 minutes later feeling enlightened. Plus there are so many benefits to doing this. First, you get help with assignments if you need it, which is nice. But more importantly, you establish a relationship with that professor outside of class. By going to their office hours, even just to chat or whatever, it shows them that you care about their class and what they are teaching. And having a better relationship with a professor is always good. They're the people with connections in their field, and they might make you aware of various opportunities as they become available.

4. in terms of stuff, I had trouble in my room at the beginning of the year with the distribution of power outlets. Basically, all the outlets in my room were strategically placed to make plugging things in as difficult as possible, especially when you take into account the fact that extension cords are not allowed at my school. So I have an 8-foot power strip and an illegal extension cord. Hopefully you won't get this unlucky, but having a power strip handy is always a good idea. I also recommend investing in a good pair of headphones, which serve a few purposes. First and foremost is, of course, their actual purpose, listening to music/Netflix/whatever. But people tend not to bother or approach people wearing headphones (at least if they have any social sense), as they signal that you're listening to something and don't want to be bothered. So if you want to be left alone for whatever reason, they help. Not to mention nicer headphones tend to do better at drowning out other noise, so if you like to listen to music while studying, that's a nice feature. But the headphone thing is really just my personal opinion.
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