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There's a ton of factors to each college experience that I honestly wouldn't know where to start on helping you. Are you going to college for a serious education? Or is this a party school and you just want some experiences? Does your college have a very competitive student body? Or is it known for being lax? Is your college far from home or did you just go to the dorm to get away from the house, but still be within driving distance?

Everyone goes to college for different reasons and so depending on why you're going and where you're going, you will probably have different priorities. Telling you how to prepare is difficult since each campus is different. Heck, depending on your major, your entire experience could vastly differ from even your roommate's.

Some general things I guess: Make sure you are taking advantage of all the financial aid or scholarships you can, because starting your life in debt is horrible. If you've never lived by yourself, learn to take care of yourself. Learn to use a laundromat. Learn to cook. Learn to clean. Learn to manage your money. Find out where all the stores are.

If your school gives access to a 3D printer, you can actually make some crazy shit to save yourself money or make money if you sell it (like on Etsy or whatnot).
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