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The stick figure is the most basic form of imaginary human. It has the most basic elements. A head, a neck, 2 arms, a torso, and 2 legs.

Adding more detail, a human is more like the second image. Drawing a line out for shoulders and lines out for hips is an excellent way to keep the figure accurate. The red lines show the figures girth to show how accurate it can be with those shoulder and hip lines.

Understanding this greatly helps when striking a pose such as the last image. Cookie to whoever knows what pose that is.

As Copygoo has stated, your arm is pretty much equal length before and after the elbow. This is also true of the leg from the knee. Your heel should hit your butt just as your hand should touch your shoulder.

Lastly, a mistake I see pretty often is arm length. Not sure why, but people will often have arms end at the hip. But if you put your hands down, you notice they're more accurately half past your thighs. Not sure why people seem to do this, but it has happened to even experienced artists (granted not on their professional works)

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