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-Why do you draw?

Because I've always found it fun.

-Do you have a particular goal or dream that you want to accomplish?

While I'm sure it would be awesome if I said yes, I really don't right now. I draw because I enjoy it. If it takes me someplace in the future, that's great. If not, I'll still do it for fun.


Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
My short-term goal is to be able to draw eyes decently well. (Expression, reflectivity, detail, all of it.) My next short-term goal is to learn how to draw faces (beyond the eyes) at least passably. My next short-term goal is to learn how to draw hair well. (Physics, sheen, all of it.) My goals increase progressively from there and have a focus mostly on human anatomy since it's human subjects I'm most interested in drawing fanart of.
This short term goal can go anywhere from decently simple to ridiculously difficult depending on your art style. Anime/Cartoon style is going to be easier while realistic will be considerably more difficult.

Getting down facial structure and proportions will largely be an issue of experience. Facial details can be an important factor since the human face is the largest contributor to body language, thus when something is wrong, it's easy to see something's wrong. Understanding structure is the only way to really get past this.

I don't think hair will be a huge detail you will have to go crazy about. Typically artists will not draw each strand of hair or go into incredible detail (unless you're Square Enix making that FF7 movie). Understanding of luminosity will probably be the only thing you would need to learn, but that is true for so much.

I think skin detail is a considerably bigger detail you should be looking for something that needs more attention. With skin detail alone, most humans can judge things such as emotional state, lifestyle, and even ambient temperatures.

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