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The honest truth is likely they hired Marisa Tomei for her chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. more than anything else. She is 52 years old. She's in the menopause age range. She just happens to be quite beautiful for someone her age. Sally Fields was only like 65 when she appeared as Aunt May, Rosemary Higgins was 75 in Sam Raimi's films.

You also have to remember, Spider-Man's actor himself has gotten progressively younger. Tobey Maguire portrayed a recently graduate from High School and failing College student. Andrew Garfield literally graduated High School in his 2nd film rather than the first. And Tom Holland is like a Sophomore. It wouldn't really make sense to have such an old parent/guardian when the newest iteration of Peter Parker is also so young.

Very old and feeble Aunt May has kind of been a major annoyance to most of the viewers/readers of Spider-Man, as she really doesn't do anything other than mess up Spider-Man. In the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon, she's still gray haired, but she's young and hip as well as accepting of Peter's superhero activities after revealing she had discovered his secret. I feel they probably borrowed most of her characterizations from this version. Even in modern comics, Aunt May rarely shows up because she married J. Jonah Jameson's father (effectively making him his boss his cousin) and they moved to Florida or something. Peter just works on his own problems (like saving NYC from supervillains), not the problem of Aunt May dying of being old and poor and feeble.
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