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"Well, nothing wrong with that," Keith said fairly as Seiko explained about her current lack of battle experience. Before any more could be said on that, however, Seiko then noticed Keith's Z-Ring and Poisonium Z, and asked about it, showing off her own Z-Ring in the process. "Oh, well, the bracelet's called a Z-Ring," Keith explained. "And the crystals are called Z-Crystals- this one's Poisonium Z, though if I had to guess, I'd say yours is the Ice-type Z-Crystal, probably called Icium Z or something like that. Basically, they let you pull off powerful attacks known as Z-Moves with your Pokémon in battle. If I'm using something that knows a Poison-type move-"

"And considerin' he specializes in Poison-types, dat accounts fer a lot o' his team," Meowth added.

"...Anyway, yeah, if I'm using something that knows a Poison move, then once per battle, I can activate the Poisonium Z by making certain movements," Keith explained. "In doing so, this generates a lot of what's known as Z-Power, which flows into the Pokémon, and allows them to upgrade one of their Poison moves into the Poison-type Z-Move, Acid Downpour. I actually did that against that burglar, since my Dunsparce knows how to use Poison Jab," he said.

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