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"Nice to meet you, Seiko," Keith replied with a smile. He gave a shrug at Seiko's question. "I guess you might say that," he replied.

"And ya wouldn't be wrong ta say it," Meowth added. "I seen a lotta weird stuff just travelin' wit dis guy. Gets mixed up in all sorts of adventures."

"Heh, yeah, that's true," Keith nodded. "Not half an hour ago, for instance, I had to fight off this robber who tried to swipe Meowth. His Shiftry vs. my Dunsparce, and we came out on top," he grinned, glancing at the Poisonium Z set into his Z-Crystal as he spoke.

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.
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