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As surprised as Meowth seemed at the notion of someone living in a supposedly abandoned cabin, the woman seemed just as surprised, if not more, at the fact that Meowth could talk. "Yeah, Meowth can talk," Keith nodded, very much used to people's surprised reactions to this fact by this point. "It happened when I first got him- we're still not exactly sure how it happened, all we know is that the trade machine malfunctioned. Before the trade, Meowth couldn't talk, but after the trade, he could."

"I dunno how it happened either, and I ain't questionin' it dat much," Meowth added as Seiko inspected him. "Alls I knows is, I'm lovin' it."

At that point, the Litleo and the Alolan Vulpix opened the door further to get a look at Keith and Meowth for themselves, and this prompted the woman to let them in. Keith nodded, confirming she had his name right. "Thanks very much," he smiled, walking inside. "Oh- I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?" he added.

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