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Seiko was in her basement parlor when Sasha, her shiny Alolan Vulpix, and Aiolia, her Litleo, came bounding to her feet in excitement.

"What's up, you two?" the young woman asked, turning her attention away from laptop to meet her companions at eye level. "Do we have company?" Her Bronzor Seiza, who she last saw drifting about the ground floor, would have been the first to notify her if someone--or something--in the vicinity meant her entourage ill. Their excited faces could hence indicate one thing and one thing only:

"Go on ahead," Seiko closed her laptop and rose from her seat. "I'll be right behind you." The twin furballs of sable and lilac turned corner as bade. Seiko quickly made to follow and soon ascended the stepladder after them.

Sasha and Aiolia were once again at Seiko's side when she stood to face the entrance of the cabin. Her strides were confident as she headed to the door, but she faltered at the sound of knocking at the door. She drew the knob slowly towards her and peeked outside. "Hello...?"
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