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"All right! Violet, let's go!"

These words were exclaimed by Keith Masters as he moved his arms in a sort of circular motion, the specific motion necessary for a Z-Crystal of any sort to activate. Indeed, in doing so, he caused the Poisonium Z set into his Z-Ring to gleam brightly.

"Oh, no," groaned the would-be robber Keith was confronting, the one who so ill-advisedly attempted to swipe Keith's Meowth. Upon meeting resistance from Keith, he sent out his Shiftry. Keith responded by sending out his Dunsparce, and the battle had taken off from there, culminating here and now as Keith proceeded to strike the poses he needed to in order to unlock this immense power.

"Our minds, our spirits, linked as one!" Keith was saying as he moved. "A power as intense as the Plague Swamp of Cascadia! Feel the poison- BE the poison!"

"Spaaarce!" Violet exclaimed, feeling the Z-Power flow into her as she mimicked Keith's movements, ready to transform her Poison Jab into something way stronger.

"Now! Use Acid Downpour!!! Keith commanded.

Violet surrounded itself with its Z-Power!

Violet unleashes its full-force Z-Move!


Acid Downpour
Violet unleashed swirls of poisonous energy as the ground beneath Shiftry turned to a smelly, poisonous pool of swamp sludge. At the same time, vicious purple clouds formed above Shiftry. "Duuuun... SPAAAAARCE!" exclaimed Violet, and at this, the clouds opened up, raining a vile poison down upon Shiftry, reacting with the swamp below to deal even more damage. And then, just like that, the whole thing was gone, leaving naught but an unconscious Shiftry behind.

"Gah... Sh-Shiftry, return!" stammered the thwarted thief, withdrawing the Wicked Pokémon. Without so much as a single parting threat, he turned around and fled like a wounded Wimpod.

"Alright," Keith grinned. "Everyone OK? Violet, Meowth, you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Meowth nodded. He still bore scratches from Shiftry's Razor Leaf, but elseways was unharmed.

"Sparce... Sparce..." panted Violet.

"Hey, Vi, you did great out there," Keith smiled. "Take a good rest, OK?" he added, holding up Violet's Poké Ball and withdrawing the Dunsparce.

"A good rest- dat sounds good ta me, too," Meowth voiced his opinion as he climbed back on Keith's shoulder.

"Me three," Keith admitted. "We need to find somewhere to just relax... ah," he grinned, spotting something in the distance. "That must be one of those abandoned cabins you hear about in these woods."

"Oh, yeah, dat's gonna be real comfy," Meowth groaned, rolling his eyes as Keith started off towards the allegedly abandoned abode.

"Oh, quit complaining," Keith snapped, though with a small grin as he approached the house. He reached for the front door, but paused. "...huh," he murmured. "Does... someone live here?" he murmured to no one in particular. Ignoring the look of extreme skepticism on Meowth's face, Keith merely shrugged and knocked on the door instead.

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