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Hodgepodge Lodging Out Yonder: Seiko's Not-so-Secret Base

Deep, deep in the groves of Fizzytopia one may hear locals speak of abandoned cabins out in the heart of the wilds. Cozy-looking things at a distance, their facade close up tell of years of neglect. None would dare set foot in one of these decrepit old shacks... right?

Well, there is one such dwelling which has absorbed a squatter recently. Oh, did I say 'squatter'? My mistake, I meant "prospective tenant." Yes: to be precise, therein currently lives a young woman who wishes to restore the sun-faded timbers of this particular log cabin face to some former glory. Come hell or high water (likely the latter), this individual has devoted themselves to a noble cause: bettering this house's state of affairs.

Floor One

Should you be one of those intrepid (or perhaps simply curious) few who might recognize this tired abode for the gem it is, do leave your lofty expectations at the door. Beyond this portal you will be greeted by little apart from dirt floor and the dust-covered eaves overhead. The red tent you see before you--however small it may seem--is actually larger than it appears. It is used for the purpose of cooking and washing, having in short time developed a distinctive smell of charcoal and soap with daily routine. Besides some stray planks which could conceivably make do as chairs or a bench and the rug at the room's center, there is nothing else to see here. The boughs to the far end of the room may look promising, but for the time being they remain crammed with bedrolls, pillows, and a shoddy old lamp.

In the far right corner is a stepladder descending underground which serves as a connection to the basement niche.


This is where our resident would prefer to host company... should she ever have the chance. The PC is for public use and the log and stump which lay across from one another make for surprisingly comfortable seating. In the corner are some peculiar-looking fungi which the someday hostess strongly advises against eating.

The Base is currently OPEN for RP.
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