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Abuse of weight is a go go go! Kidomaru fires a stack of pins against the mega pokemon, focusing on destroying the decoy. He does not know is a decoy, so why is trainer talking about some mysterious sub? All we see is Glalie setting up a protective barrier around himself to avoid the missile-like projections. The greenish construct absorbs the damage, which is all the ice pokemon could have hoped for. Feeling indecisive, the bug typed pokemon weights his odds of either attacking again with the same pins and what not. This allows Frosty to move in a jiff, sub in hand to slam right on top of the bug. Tired of indecision, the bug fires another barrage of missiles at the frosty opponent. The energy marks its spot, and each pin releases a tiny bit of fluff out of the sub before the construct explodes on the spot revealing the real Glalie not that far behind. Ariados is perplexed by what just happened, and before he can register the disappearance of the fake, Glalie makes a slam dunk with his body on top of the spider. Eeeeeek. Obligatory size comparison. It is not that big, it is actually 6'11, but it sure as hell feels that big.

With nowhere to move, Ariados feels helpless that paralysis and a fat beast sit on top of it. If this was any more realistic, I would image his butt side oozing out some of its guts or something. Well, not really. Dang, this is pokeabuse, and someone should call an ambulance at the end of this just in case. Floating his giant weight off, the levitator picks up the spider as a meal ticket. His fangs look sharp and have this super-heated effect thanks to how frickin’ cold they are. Fire starts to circle his chomps before crunching down on the spider. Kidomaru squeals louder in pain, his face being torn apart by the giant frosty creature. The arachnid starts to lose feeling on its limbs, as being severely chilled is almost equivalent to frost bites, which resemble being burned. Not actual burn marks are left though.

Ariados is trapped within the jaw of the mighty Frosty. Kidomaru is starting to look hurt. He is fresh, though very chilled. Frosty is panting, and went untouched. He has enough fire for another pair of fire fang.

Snorby has 0 Three movers left for the match.

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