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Hi Fren how you been?

Thanks for reffing Apos c:

Packing the Glalieite

Piccolo Daimao: Level 3 Male Beeheeyem
Signature Move: Programming Error [Psychic]
When used by Piccolo, Steel Wing now uses Psychic-type energy, not Steel. Likewise, it deal Psychic type damage instead of Steel. To use the move, Piccolo creates two giant wing-shaped energy constructs attached to his back, and leaps into the air, falling at a high speed and slamming the energy construct wings into his opponent. These wings fade immediately after Steel Wing is used, and do not allow Piccolo to fly in any way. This attack may still break through energy-based projectiles without reduction in damage and deals solid damage for solid energy, just like normal Steel Wing.

Frosty: Level 3 Male Glalie
Glalite Attached
Special Training: Jaws of Death [Various]:
To better torture his victims, Frosty has learned how to use Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, and Poison Fang. He has enough offtype to use each of these up to 3 times per battle. Frosty may no longer use Dark Pulse, Hex, Taunt, and Self-Destruct. Frosty no longer benefits in any way from eating snow and ice.

Jack: Level 3 Male Gourgeist-Super
Special Attack: PUMPKIN CANNON! [Ghost]:
Using Heavy Ghost energy, Jack creates a cannon made entirely of ghost energy, and jumps into it. The cannon then fires Jack, whom is cloaked in Ghost energy, at the opponent at an incredible speed, slamming into the foe and causing an explosion that deals Heavy damage. The noise when Jack is fired out of the cannon startles the opponent, making them freeze up in a way similar to Roar. If the attack gets a full hit, the explosion will knock most opponents over, further distracting them. After firing Jack, the cannon disappears.

Regina: Level 3 Genderless Electrode
HP Grass
Sig: Type Change: Ball of Love
Regina has adopted a secondary Fairy type, now being an Electric/Fairy type Pokemon. She has the normal weaknesses and resistances associated with the typing, with a few exceptions. For one, she is only resistant to Dragon-type moves rather than immune. For another, she takes neutral damage from Dark moves, as the absence of love in these two types upsets her greatly. She has gained access to Dazzling Gleam and Play Rough. In addition, her Hyper Beam and Secret Power attacks may now be ordered as Fairy-Type moves, ordered as Fairy!Hyper Beam and Fairy!Secret Power. She may not change the type of a move more than once per round, however. Because of her sweet, loving nature, she can also use Draining Kiss, Lovely Kiss, and Sweet Kiss. Due to her love of beautiful, sparkly things, she gains access to Power Gem, Aurora Beam and Mirror Shot, having the energy to use each thrice per battle. However, she loses Foul Play, Sucker Punch, and Thief, as these ways are too dark for her loving nature, and loses Gyro Ball for being ungraceful. She has also lost Self-Destruct, Confide, and Substitute. As she identifies with the female gender, Attract and other such attacks with work on her if used by a Male Pokemon despite her being genderless.

Boog: Level 3 Female Kabutops
HP Grass
Type Change: Water/Bug
Boog is now a Water/Bug type, with all associated weaknesses, resistances, and characteristics. She has learned the moves U-Turn, Infestation, and Bug Buzz. She now has the Rock energy of an average Ground type. However, she never learned the moves Substitute, Stealth Rock, Low Kick, Dig, Aurora Beam, and Aqua Tail.

Clapton: Level 3 Male Druddigon
Hidden Power Type: Grass
Special Training: It's In The Way That You Use It [Various]
Clapton has learned the moves Drain Punch and Giga Drain, and these may be infused with Dragon energy instead of their usual type when ordered as Dragon!Drain Punch and Dragon!Giga Drain, respectively. Clapton has enough Grass offtype to use Giga Drain as a grass move twice per battle.

Regina, kick things off.

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