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"So, how does this work?" Pomona asked Selia. "Will I need to fall asleep?"

"Not necessary," smiled Selia. "Not as long as you can recall at least a little part of your dream while awake. Just focus on that and I'll do the rest."

Pomona nodded and closed her eyes, focusing hard on the vague bits of the dream she could most clearly recall when awake. "...OK, got it," she replied.

Selia nodded back, closed her own eyes, and focused. A pink glow came over Pomona's body, but as soon as the Munna opened her mouth, the glow flowed off of the Ivysaur and into the Psychic-type's mouth. Once Selia had consumed the dream in its entirety, both she and Pomona opened their eyes.

"Well?" Pomona asked anxiously.

"Almost ready..." Selia replied, focusing intently. And then, a pinkish cloud of smoke puffed out of her nostril, billowing and growing larger as it rose into the air. Then, a bluish aura covered the Munna's body, and spread to Keith and Kawaii. This is to spare Meowth and Liliana from having to translate, the Munna told them telepathically. As long as I'm doing this, you will be able to understand what is being said. And believe me, you will want to know this. With this knowledge, Keith watched as the puff of Dream Mist grew larger still, and as images started to appear on it as though it was an oddly wispy TV screen...

Scenes of horror, destruction, devastation. Fires burned in the distance. What few trees could be seen were charred to a crisp and completely devoid of leaves. All nearby were either dead or dying. Though the viewer's point of view seemed mostly immobile, whoever's eyes they were seeing this through seemed to be able to look around in different directions. And whoever it was gave an involuntary shudder at the sight of two dead Pokémon nearby- a Garchomp and a Venusaur, the latter's flower burned up and charred horribly. Judging by the former's fin and the latter's flower, the Garchomp was male, and the Venusaur female.

But then, amidst the horrific scenes before them, a flash of green light- the legendary Celebi appeared out of nowhere, covered in cuts and bruises, fretting as she glanced around at the devastation all around here. She gave an audible gasp as she saw the dead Garchomp and Venusaur. "Oh, no..." she murmured. Then, however, as she looked at the screen (for lack of a better word), she looked hopeful. "Wait... that Egg..." she whispered. "Is it...?" She floated forward, scooping up the viewer, apparently an Egg, in her arms. "It is!" she murmured. "Then my mission hasn't failed! And if it continues to not fail... I can prevent all this ever from happening in the first place," she murmured determinedly. "Come on, little one," she said soothingly to the Egg in her arms. "Someone as special as you should grow up in a more peaceful time." And with that, there was a flash of green light, obscuring everything...

...and a flock of Tranquill took off in terror. They were in a lush green forest, decidedly nicer-looking than the war zone they had left behind. Celebi glanced nervously in every direction with wide eyes. And at first, she saw no one around, but then there came a bipedal creature, pink and cream in coloration, a look of concern on her face. "Oh, my," the Audino whispered. "Are you... are you the one they call Celebi?"

Celebi looked around once more, apparently wary, before nodding in response to the Normal-type's question. "I am," she replied as she floated down to the Audino. "I... I've traveled here from the future, because... well, I shan't go into detail, but suffice it to say that things turn very ugly about 2,000 years down the road... The entire Fizzytopia region, torn apart by war... It can be prevented, of course, and I intend to see to it that the events I was unfortunate enough to bear witness to do not come to pass. In the meantime, however," it added, glancing at the Egg it was holding onto, "...I could not save the parents, I am afraid, but... I was at least able to spare the Egg."

"Wow..." the Audino replied, examining the Egg. She then took hold of one of the odd string-like appendages trailing down from her ear, and touched it to the screen (again, for lack of a better word), appearing to listen intently. After a few seconds, she nodded her satisfaction and stopped. "The baby seems healthy," reported Audino. "What of your injuries, though?" she added in obvious concern for the legendary Pokémon's well-being, as she examined Celebi's wounds.

"Your concern is appreciated, but unnecessary," smiled Celebi. "I will heal, that is not a problem. The pressing issue right now is the Egg. I was sent into the war-torn future with the specific purpose to retrieve it."

"Sent...?" began Audino.

"You see," Celebi explained, "My time traveling abilities are great fun, there's no doubt about it... but they come with responsibilities. The Original One did not grant me these powers for laughs- It sends me on missions through time."

"The Original One?" repeated Audino in wonder. "Do you mean Ar-"

"Please," interrupted Celebi, "Forgive me, but the name is not something to be spoken casually... I know what you were going to say, and you are correct. It has sent me to retrieve the Egg... it is rare It has me do that sort of thing. Sure enough, It informed me that the Egg It wanted me to retrieve was a special one."

"Special how?" Audino asked, her head tilted in curiosity.

In response, Celebi glanced warily around again before leaning in close to Audino and whispering, "This Egg will hatch into the first female descendant of the great hero Rhyperior." Audino gave an audible gasp at this news, and Celebi nodded. "I take it I need not explain the legend to you, then?" it added with a smile.

"I know it by heart," replied the Audino. "A gang of unscrupulous Pokémon tried to strip Ar- sorry, the Original One- of Its power and use it for their own nefarious ends, after which they planned to kill It. But they were thwarted by a brave, heroic Rhyperior, who drove them away and saved Ar- the Original One, sorry. It was extremely grateful to the Rhyperior, and as his reward, It decreed that the Rhyperior's first female descendant would possess his own purity of heart tenfold."

Celebi nodded. "Yes. The Pokémon in this Egg, if raised with loving care, will be one of the nicest, sweetest, most loving Pokémon in the world. She will be naturally drawn towards those who are most in need of a friend, and will always be there to comfort those she cares about- that is to say, more or less everyone she meets. And given how violent, how war-ridden, how unbearable the world has become in this Egg's originally intended time, the Original One insisted I bring it to a more peaceful time before I begin to take the other steps necessary to change that future for the better. There would be no hope of her getting the loving care she needs and deserves in such bleak times."

"Makes sense," nodded Audino. "Things have been very peaceful around here lately, I think you made a good call to bring the Egg here."

"I agree," said Celebi. "It wishes, however, for the Egg to be put into the care of a Pokémon Trainer-"

"I know just the place!" Audino interrupted, before realizing that she had interrupted. "Oh, oh, sorry," she added, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"It's not a problem," Celebi said reassuringly. "Just tell me where I should bring the Egg."

"The humans, they have this large building, I think it's called the Egg House," Audino explained. "Pokémon Eggs are collected by humans and brought there, where they're then distributed to Trainers. That would be your best bet."

"Thank you," replied Celebi, smiling. "Do you know where the Egg House is?"

"I do," nodded Audino. "Follow me."

With that, Audino dashed through the forest, leading Celebi down a winding, twisting trail. After roughly an hour, they found themselves facing the back of a large building. Parked nearby was a large truck, and several men were carefully unloading Pokémon Eggs of various colors from within, bringing them into the building. And then, just like that, the Egg was no longer in Celebi's arms, but was in the truck instead! In the distance, Audino and Celebi could be heard talking about how the latter froze time so she wouldn't be witnessed putting the Egg in the truck, and then everything went white as the dream concluded.

And in the wake of the dream, there was but a stunned silence, not only from Keith, but from his Pokémon as well.

"...I heard dat legend before," Meowth spoke up, breaking the silence. "So... Pomona's not only from da future, but she's da first female descendent o' da great hero Rhyperior?"

"...I always knew Pomona was special," Keith said. "But I never would have called this," he added with a smile.

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