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It's been about a year now since the Switch came out, and there is still no option to back up your save data nor are there any announced plans to support on-cartridge saving with certain Switch games.

Which brings us to Pokémon, and the question of what Nintendo or Game Freak, either/or, are going to do to combat the inevitable ghoul that is players losing the creatures they poured thousands of hours into to breed, EV train, and level up.

Based on some shallow Googling, it seems like the general consensus right now is, "Buyer beware: don't buy a Switch if you're going to later regret it when your console dies and you lose all of your save data." Millions of happy gamers are still buying in, praying that they won't be the unlucky few who suffer catastrophic hardware failure, but it's easy to find the anecdotes on Reddit and gaming journalism websites of people who lost everything when their console bricked.

Do you think we're due for a Switch 2.0? There's been a lot said about Nintendo's mishandling of USB-C and how things that would ordinarily be perfectly safe can brick a Switch. Then there's the console warping discussion from last year. Should these and other issues be addressed with a mid-cycle hardware revision? Or do we only want/need software patches for the time being and so long as we get our ability to back up save files we're good? What's the general attitude here on UPN? Should someone who hasn't purchased a Switch yet hold out for an announcement this year of a hardware revision coming late 2018 or any time 2019? Or should they take the plunge and buy a Switch now?
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