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I'm a freshie, so I'll post my squad here. Note that none have signature moves.
1: Mitey the Magnemite (L1 [genderless])
2: Chana the Charmander (L1 Female)
3: Scruff the Scraggy (L1 Male)
4: Mentalis the Ralts (L1 Female)
5: Puff the Igglybuff (L1 Female)
6: Orion the Omanyte (L1 Male)
7: Serper the Ekans (L1 Female)
8: Tammy the Tangela (L2 Female, Uplevel)
9: Visios the Combee (L1 female)
10: Grinslow the Gible (L1 male)
That's actually it
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