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At first, nothing. And then, a trio shimmered into view in the courtyard- two Pokémon and a person. Well, two and a quarter Pokémon, three quarters of a person, if you wanted to get insanely technical about it. Suffice it to say that two Pokémon and their Trainer had arrived on the scene.

Keith Masters looked up at the churchlike building. Annoyed though he was at the situation, he couldn't help but admire the structure. After a moment, however, he turned to face the Smeargle standing beside him. "Chromium, were you even listening to me?" he asked. "This place looks pretty nice, I'll admit, but unless it's a Pansear Pizza Parlor, it's not where I asked you to take us."

"Yeah, we's starvin' ova here," Meowth added from his perch on Keith's shoulder.

The Smeargle, however, paid no attention to the lecture, for she, too, was in awe of the churchlike structure they'd arrived at courtesy of her own botched Teleport. She immediately extended a pair of vines, using her Vine Whip move to retrieve a canvas from Keith's backpack. She held it steady before her, before going to work with her tail. The paint what tipped her brushlike tail changed color at dizzying speeds, the tail itself a mere blur at some points as she moved it across the canvas. And at last, she had finished. She turned the canvas, showing Keith her latest masterpiece.

"...OK, that's not bad," Keith conceded, nodding his approval of the painting- the Smeargle had captured the building's likeness quite well. "But we still don't know where the hell we are... well, maybe someone lives here?" he suggested.

"Stranger tings have happened," Meowth shrugged. "But it ain't like we's just gonna stroll right up to da front door and knock on it like... yer... doin'... now," he groaned, for while he spoke, Keith just strolled right up to the front door and knocked on it. Chromium followed- the Smeargle was eager to see what this building looked like on the inside if merely the outside had inspired her so.

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