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Well now! I've always wanted to do this!

Mado the Small Pumpkaboo (F, Level 1)
Sabi the Ekans (F, Level 1)
Uro the Croconaw (F, Level 2)
Hiroshi the Porygon (Level 1)
Garry the Gligar (M, Level 2)
Ib the Ralts (F, Level 1)
Mary the Snivy (F, Level 1)
Bendy the Tyrunt (M, Level 1)
Seabreeze the Burgmite (F, Level 1)
Vox the Aron (M, Level 1)
Oliver the Abra (M, Level 1)
Pearl the Bagon (M, Level 1)
Trucy the Skorupi (F, Level 1)
Diamond the Elekid (M, Level 1)
Apollo the Murkrow (M, Level )

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