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Originally Posted by Crys View Post
so, what have people thought of the switch?
I love it. I can bring it to work with me and play console games at work. I just love how portable it is. It's somewhat heavy, so prolonged play in handheld mode can make my wrists a little sore.

My only real complaint is how barebones it is. It's not a huge deal, but the system is so clean that it's almost... too clean. Devoid of much content. Almost feels like they just knew they needed a working OS and UI to get out there just to run basic functionality and are just going to keep developing it post-release... which is fine as long as they remain somewhat frequent. More games on eshop, a browser, and a few basic apps like YouTube and Netflix would take this thing a lot farther. Sure, I can do those on other devices, but I'd rather not if I have it on the Switch. In time this will all be filled out and revamped.

My other complaint is the big one: the design of the charger port. I understand the port is on the bottom for the sake of slipping the Switch into the dock, but it's really annoying because it means you can't set it down on the kickstand while charging. People have made 3D printed docks to circumvent this, but not everyone has access to a 3D printer. I dunno, it's just a pain in the ass. I hope a third party releases a super portable switch charging dock soon so I can charge and play with the controller on the go.

HD Rumble: I've not yet experienced this, well, not really. I haven't played 1 2 Switch or anything, so the most experience I've had is in Zelda - and it only utilizes it slightly when towers rise out of the ground at the beginning of the game. It rumbles from the bottom of the joycons upward, so you can feel a rumble move from the bottom of the joycon to the very top, slowly and repeatedly. It was interesting, but not enough to make me say anything more than "neat". I'm sure the experience with HD rumble will be way more interesting in games that have more focus on it.

All in all... for $299, I think it's a great system, and I definitely feel happy with my purchase. I recommend it. If Zelda, Snipperclips, Fast RMX, Shovel Knight, or Binding of Isaac don't tickle your fancy though, you may want to wait a little while for more stock to become available anyway while they flesh the library and eshop out a bit, because the barebones feel of the system UI and the eshop is the worst aspect of the system thus far. Otherwise it's a wonderful and brilliant system, probably Nintendo's best in a really long time.
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