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First I've heard this: Nintendo's shares dropped after the Switch reveal. And lest I steal the article's thunder, the juicy climax in the spoiler tag below:

Spoiler: show
Apparently they lost 5.75% of their share value, or 205 billion yen. O_O This is the equivalent today of Ł1.45 billion or $1.82 billion.

To be fair, the company is still valued higher today than it was this time last year.

And if you do the math, the story would suggest that Nintendo is still valued at around $32 billion. That places the company well ahead of most American corporations you can think of, the obvious giants in the room (like Amazon and Microsoft) excepted. To say nothing of their over $1 trillion in assets. Compare that with Target, with assets totaling "only" $40 billion. Or IBM, with total assets of roughly $110 billion. Nintendo has nearly ten times as much in assets as the whole of IBM. Chew on that.

All the same, losing 5% of your company's publicly traded value after the unveiling of your new product is not good.

Separate news story: Nintendo has confirmed that they will be offering battery replacement as a paid service. The price is not yet known. One of my main reasons for holding off on buying a launch Switch is the battery, as I had hoped a Switch Lite revision would see a return to user-replaceable batteries. But most commenters online have noted that Samsung and Apple smartphones have never let you do this and the move in the market is generally away from user-replaceables and towards this.

JoyCons apparently will sell for $49.99 per stick, and $79.99 for a bundle pack containing one of each. If it were $49.99 for the pair, fine, but $80 for the pair is kinda crappy seeing as most XBox One and PS4 controllers only cost around $50, and a full second controller is the price of admission for friends coming over to play multiplayer games with you.
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