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Originally Posted by Ironthunder View Post
Apparently the Switch isn't replacing the 3DS.

(Not aimed at anyone, just something I saw that hadn't been seen here as far as I can be bothered to check.)
Young one, this is exactly what they said when they revealed the DS at E3 many years ago ...

Spoiler: show
Kaplan said the DS isn't a replacement for the aging SP. She said Nintendo is targeting the DS, with its wireless and touch screen capabilities, at older, more sophisticated "early-adopter" style gamers.

Nintendo is just saying this so that they can continue to ride off the success of the 3DS if the Switch fails. They had the same plan for the DS; they were worried about sales numbers, so they told people that the GBA wouldn't be replaced by the DS

Remember when Nintendo said the DS was NOT gonna be GBA's successor? And that there would be another handheld released to replace the GBA? So much for that eh?

You're too young to remember this, but I was older then than you are now. I remember it well. The GBA had only just come out three short years earlier (2001), and yet already (2004) Nintendo was rolling out this strange new clamshell device called the DS. They swore up and down that it was only a novelty item meant to co-exist alongside the GBA, that the GBA would continue to be the home for the biggest releases whereas the DS would be an exotic side platform meant to house titles built from the ground up to utilize the dual screens and the touch-sensitive bottom screen.

They lied.
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