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To start the ball rolling, I wonder how UPNers feel about the 'special' relationship. Is it special? Should it be special?

Brits, do we want to pal up to the Americans (and does it depend upon their leaders?)?

Americans, do you remotely care if we're staunch allies or more like the French and a bit more aloof with you?
A most interesting take. I know next to nothing about British Politics, so I'll be interested in learning.

As for your question, I don't mind being allied with Britain, and since we're mired in a bunch of treaties with them, we had better uphold our end of them. Maybe not to the extant of "Buddy Buddy" with them, and certainly I think we shouldn't try to dictate much in your affairs (except when it directly impacts our own security).

I don't mind America carrying the biggest stick in the world, and I would certainly fear for my country if that role was diverged to another country, so I can possibly understand Britain maybe not enjoying our Looming Presence across the Atlantic as much as we do, but I personally think there is no better suited nation than ours to have that kind of power. Not because we're special and deserve it, or because we saved everyone in both World Wars, nor because we poor billions of dollars into Military Funding, but rather because our government is such that, at least when working properly, can always be reigned back by our own people, and checked, if it gets out of hand. Thus making us a deliberating body. (Though unfortunately I admit we haven't done so as often as I think we should, which has resulted in some unfortunate occurrences.)

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