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I was totally on track to get this done on time. Then I got mono. So here we are, over a week later, and I'm finally done. So Kamen, here's A Very Alola Christmas for you!

Spoiler: show
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Alola
Not a creature was stirring, not even Alomomola.
The stockings were hung from the palm trees with care
In hopes that Saint Delibird soon would be there.

The Guardians slept, for the island was safe.
No strike from the Ultra Beasts would come today.
Until Tapu Koko awoke with a turn
To some sort of noise that it could not discern.

Its temper ablaze now, it moved with a leap
And searched for the one who had disturbed its sleep.
Upon making its way to the island of Poni
It happened to find a one Tapu Fini.

The water-type seemed to be rather distraught
As it sat by a tree, underneath which was naught.
“Fini,” Koko asked, “Was the noise I heard you?”
“I could hear you from Melemele Island, it’s true!”

“Oh Koko”, Fini replied with a sigh,
“I’ve got a good reason to make such a cry.
The presents we’d put underneath this tall tree
Have vanished from sight. Who would do this to me?”

“I bet it was Lele, who likes to cause trouble.
Leave it to me, I’ll be back on the double!”
Thus, Koko sped off to the isle of Akala,
Its shell all aglow in the light of Lunala.

The Guardian arrived at the Ruins of Life
Confident that he would soon end this strife.
He burst into the cavern and glanced all around
And found Tapu Lele asleep on the ground.

Not caring one bit for the Pokémon’s slumber,
Koko let loose a shout, its voice booming like thunder.
“Wake up now Lele, it’s time to explain
Why you stole Fini’s presents, what have you to gain?”

So jolted awake by this noisy affair,
Lele bolted upright and shot one nasty glare.
“Koko, I swear you’re a bumbling buffoon.
I’ve done no such thing, you can search this whole room.”

And Koko did search, but its search was in vain.
Not one present was found; Lele wasn’t to blame.
“Well damn,” Koko muttered, its face blushing red.
“Sorry for waking you, you can go back to bed.”

“But how,” Lele asked, “when a thief’s on the loose?
This thief has to pay for his crime, no excuse!”
“Well Lele, who else do you think it could be?”
“I’m not sure, but I know one possibility.

Tapu Bulu’s one guardian who we haven’t seen yet
But certainly isn’t one we should forget.”
“What reason could Bulu have? I’m not sure,
But with Bulu I’d rather not start a war.”

Thus Koko and Lele retrieved Fini too,
For they needed numbers against Tapu Bulu.
One hit from his Wood Hammer does quite some damage.
Very few Pokemon can stand that kind of slammage.

And so the three Guardians gathered and went
To Ula’ula Island and made their descent.
But as the group neared they saw some kind of light,
A brilliant display that shone through the night.

The Guardians, intrigued, made their way to the Ruins
Of Abundance to see just what Bulu was doing.
They all peered inside and were promptly astounded:
Hundreds of presents were strewn all around them!

“Hey Bulu!” Koko shouted, temper burning bright
“Why did you steal all these presents tonight?”
Its words simply echoed, no reply was heard.
Then slowly, the figure of Bulu emerged.


The others were silent for a moment or two,
Then burst into laughter; what else could they do?
“Oh Bulu,” said Fini, “you really had me worried!
And Koko spent his whole night searching in a hurry!”

“But now that we’ve got this mystery solved,
I think that some fun would be good for us all.
Let’s invite some friends; they won’t want to miss this.
Now everyone can have a Very Merry Christmas!”

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