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Round 6: Pulling no punches.

And so the battle rages onwards, the Kecleon beginning the festivities this round with a Facade, the status-fueled attack slamming towards her foe, but Angus takes the hit like a champ, before Countering the assault with an equally powerful strike! The Kecleon goes flying, before rising from the destroyed greenhouse and fires off a burst of Hidden Power, the toxic-powered orbs slamming into the Fairy, who just about weathers the hit, before slamming into his foe with a Double Edge that sends Kalypso flying, but also harms himself, with the recoil pushing him over the boundary as his foe collapses upon impact with the floor, both battlers being rendered unconscious by the hit.

Angus Young and Kalypso are unable to battle!

So, the usual protocols. EK sends out, Alto sends out and orders, then EK to order. Whenever you're ready.
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