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Round 3: Welcome to the Apocalypse.

And so the battle in this desecrated greenhouse continues, the local plant life in tatters as Alto hits an early climax with Metronome. But still the battlers are going at it, with the Snubbull dashing across the ruined battlefield to clock his foe with a Dynamic Punch! The Kekkers isn't quite dead in the water though, mustering up the energy to unleash a vicious Screech at his foe that causes the Snubbull to trip over his feet and stumble into the Kecleon, the Normal type reeling from the slight blow! Backing up and scowling at his foe, the Fairy unleashes a blast of devastating light that blinds the Kecleon, the Dazzling Gleam playing with her eyesight a bit as he summons some orbs of her Hidden Power, before sending them clattering into the Snubbull's body, the glare throwing her aim slightly but still causing some serious pain to the butt-ugly Fairy.

Kalypso holds a slight advantage as both battlers plummet into their second thirds of health. Both need a breather, Angus' Fighting is at about half while Kalypso's Poison is a bit above that marker. The paralysis is no longer a thing.
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