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Round 2: Mistakes were made.

And so the battlers duke it out once more, this time with the Kecleon taking the first move as it closes the distance and delivers a Dizzy Punch to the Snubbull's head, confusing the poor bastard. He's off chasing mountain goats and whatever else lives in his imagination, not focusing on the battle. The confused behaviour elicits a sigh of contempt from the trainer, who's angered that his intended tactic didn't work as planned. Kalypso's now stood their waggling her fingers like a Metronome. This could be trouble. This could very well be... Oh holy mother of shitlords what the fuck have you unleashed alto you've fucking doomed us all. A glowing orb of light appears above the Kecleon, the Normal type fuelling it further with energies unknown to mere mortals. The orb grows, before suddenly shooting upwards, exploding in the sky like a great firework! ...And raining living hell across the battlefield. Shards of energy go everywhere, tearing into the arena and the poor bewildered Snubbull, the sheer pain causing him to snap out of the confusion and realise what the fuck is going on. The Judgement of the gods has been delivered, and it has devastated the arena: The once lush plant life is gone, replaced with a scorched plateau with craters scattered randomly. The Pokemon and trainers stare dumbfounded at the catastrophe that has just befallen the battlefield. Suddenly there's a crackling noise, as Angus recalls his orders and launches a Zap Cannon at his foe, the chameleon diving to the side to evade a full blow, but seems to have issues getting up: There was a serious partial hit there and her right side appears paralyzed.

Angus got seriously whacked this round, landing close to his second third, while Kalpyso progresses through her first third. Both are good for two, Angus more so after his sort-of breather. Kalypso is paralyzed in her right side, Angus is no longer confused and sits at below half on his Electric. His Fighting is untouched.

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