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Kalypsō, Female Kecleon, Level 1
Named after the fabled nymph, it should come as no surprise that Kalypsō is very good with her tongue. Some say there are none better; she likes to agree.
Hidden Power: Poison
Special Training: Does that look like a cherry stem to you?
Kalypsō can use Earthquake and Power Whip, but is no longer able to use Solarbeam or Blizzard. She has standard off-type for each.

Male Anorith, Level 1

Male Mankey, Level 1

Female Cubone, Level 1

Michael, Male Zangoose, Level 1
Naturally a competitive spirit, Michael long dreamed of becoming an Olympic gold medalist. Inspired by the "Flying Fish" Michael Phelps, he decided that to be the best, he would become a world-class swimmer, one unlike any 'mon seen before. Unfortunately for him, his species isn't exactly "world-class" in this field; hitting a wall in his training, he sucked up his pride and practically begged Slash's Beartic for some help. The polar bear agreed, and thus, a legend was born.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: They Call Me Michael Phelps
Michael is now an adept swimmer, with capabilities equivalent to those of a Beartic, and is able to stay underwater for an extended period of time, also much like a Beartic. He is considered familiar with battling underwater. In his intense training to earn a gold medal, he has neglected to learn the moves Fire Blast and Thunder.

Female Slowpoke, Level 1



TL 4 (35-21-6)
Current owner of the Onslaught Badge and the Monolith Badge
Previous owner of the Indurate Badge and the Dual Wing Badge (Pre-scrap)
216 TP - 84 KOs - 20 SP (11 SP Debt to Machamp-X)
(W/L/D and stats recompiled as of 4/25/17)
Observe. Adapt. Evolve.
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