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You think you have weird dreams? I'm blaming this one on ABL, DX.

So yeah, there are a bunch of people from ASB on this plane. I think Reed was driving, or some shit. For some reason or another, we were dressed in bright green camo, with dunce hats and sizeable machine guns. We jumped, and the parachutes magically opened. Ironically, Weeb had a parachute malfunction.

In the distance, we see a fluffy pink building, and upon reaching the welcome mat that reads "Shippers", we immediately hear a roaring sound from above. Reed seemingly crashed the plane into the building, before we started shooting at the random shippers. Guys in sailor outfits never were easier targets.

Oh, and Mozz had a moustache and goatee. And Jeri was yelling, "YES, YOU BITCHES, GO UP IN GLAYMES."
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