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My dream last night..

Originally, I wasn't going to post about it but I decided why not.

So it all started with me standing outside of an extremely tall office building with big bold letters above glass sliding doors saying "UPNETWORK". So of course, I went inside and there was a map of the place and each floor was the equivalent to the front page of UPN, the top floor being The Misc and the bottom floor being Clubs. So I climbed this staircase that went straight up the middle of the building to the top floor (The Misc obviously) and when I got there it was full of every single UPN member that my sleeping brain could possibly think of from the day I first joined about 6 years ago to now even if they aren't around anymore. Each and every member was wearing a name tag with their user name on it and once I realized this I looked down and I somehow had a name tag with my user name on it too.

So for a while I just stood there examining the place and observing what everyone was doing and I noticed that the walls had computer screens on them with titles above. So I went over to one and realized that the titles were the equivalent to threads. Instead of posting your reply in a typed form you had to record your voice and instead of reading posts you had to listen. Another thing I noticed is that no one was really talking to each other, everyone would either walk by ignoring others existence or they would just say a quick hi. So I decided I was going to ask someone (I believe it was Jerichi for whatever reason xD) why no one was talking to each other and when I went to speak nothing but a simple "Hello." came out of my mouth. All I got was a frightened look in return like I was some terrorist. Right afterward, I noticed a bunch of people with random user names that I know my mind just made up with duct tape over their mouths and red X's over their names, I knew that it stood for banned.

Basically, right after that I woke up. It was just the weirdest dream ever. The whole entire thing was just completely awkward. xP
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