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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Missingno. Master: You have hatched a Male Janomo-o!
Justice Fissure- a big, deep chasm that ran right through the two halves of Mt. Chaos. According to the locals of the nearby Static Town, this gorge was not formed by natural means, rather having been formed in a climactic battle in which an angel cleaved the mountain in two so as to kill a demon.

And Willa Carnet smirked as she wandered into the canyon it formed, having already been told the true story behind its formation by her boyfriend. A Doduo was by her side- Willa figured this tall rock formation was the perfect place to train Doduo in her jumping capabilities.

"All right, Doduo," Willa stated. "Let's get started. First, using this area, let's see how high you can get through jumping alone."

"Do do," cawed both heads simultaneously. Doduo began right away, springing up with tremendous leg strength, jumping from rock to rock, and achieving incredible height overall as a result. By the time she could find no way to jump higher, she was already more than halfway up the mountain! At this point, she carefully jumped back down, where Willa greeted her with a warm smile.

"Excellent," she stated. "You've gotten much better as of late-"

Doduo, however, stiffened, looking warily at a point behind Willa, and began cawing in an alarming way. Willa whipped around immediately, only to spot one of the Team Turnback grunts who had tried kidnapping her the previous week, complete with the same Breloom by his side he'd used to put Willa to sleep. "...awkward," he remarked.

Willa's eyes blazed with fury. "Get out," she said coldly. "Whether on your own volition or compelled to by force is of no difference to me, so choose while the choice remains yours."

The grunt chuckled. "Yeah, I don't think so," he smirked. "See, the boss is absolutely livid about Oscar's arrest, and was even moreso when he learned that you and Masters were both to blame for it-"

"I said. Get. Out," Willa repeated.

"-and you know how the boss can get," the grunt continued as though Willa hadn't spoken. "Not a pleasant man when angered. So... yeah, I'm afraid I gotta bring you in if I value my job at all-"

"And you're out of chances," Willa interrupted. "Doduo, Pluck!"

"Do do!" cawed Doduo, charging forward, beaks aglow with Flying energy.

The grunt sneered. "Stone Edge!" he ordered Breloom.

"Brelooooom!" replied Breloom, punching the ground before it, causing huge jagged rocks to erupt from the ground ahead. Doduo tried to outmaneuver the rocks, but was stuck hard by them and thrown backwards by the super effective impact. Willa tensed up, but Doduo got back up right away.

Unbeknownst to any of them, someone or something was observing the battle from the shadows. "Jaaang..."

"Doh..." grunted Doduo, shaking slightly.

"Now use Sludge Bomb!" commanded the grunt.

"Mirror Move!" Willa shot back as Breloom fired a sphere of sludge from its mouth.

Doduo jumped up, narrowly evading the Sludge Bomb, and as she landed, a strange portal opened before her, and an identical Sludge Bomb came flying out, striking Breloom in the face.

"Gah! Breloom!" exclaimed the grunt. "Use Spore!"

"Uproar!" exclaimed Willa. And moments later, Doduo's wild cawing was reverberating all around the expansive canyon, and though Breloom had landed Spore, the move did nothing.

But the grunt merely smirked. "I thought you'd try that," he sneered. "Use Throat Chop!"

"What?!" Willa uttered. She could not help it- Breloom weren't normally capable of learning that move! And yet, the same could be said for many of the moves her Pokémon knew, such as Yanmega's Icy Wind, to say nothing of the many examples her boyfriend had to his name. But indeed, Breloom's extendable arms shot forward, each hand landing a forceful blow on one of Doduo's necks, cutting the Uproar abruptly and painfully short. Willa gritted her teeth as Doduo wheezed ineffectively, trying to start the Uproar back up again.

The grunt's smirk widened as Willa hastily climbed on Doduo's back and they made a run for it. "Low Sweep," he said to Breloom. And Breloom was off! Dashing after Doduo, Breloom was gradually catching up. Then, it extended its arms, stretching them far ahead of it, grabbing onto a big rock with each one, and then retracted them very quickly, slingshotting itself forward, and it rammed its foot into one of Doduo's legs, causing both her and Willa to tumble to the ground. "And now use Spore!" the grunt added as he himself caught up with them.

Breloom smirked as Willa and Doduo tried to get back up. "Breeee..." it began, generating sleep-inducing spores to fire right at the pair before it.


And then, suddenly, a small creature lunged forward, landing a solid Tackle on Breloom, causing its Spore to get fired way off target.

"Wha...?" Willa murmured, looking at the young Pokémon standing defiantly between her and Breloom. She took out her Pokédex and scanned the newcomer.

"Jangmo-o, the Scaly Pokémon. A Dragon-type," droned the device. "It frightens enemies by smacking its head scales against the ground. It has a valiant disposition and will never back down."

"Breloom, Spore once more," frowned the grunt. "Hit 'em all!"

"Breloooom!" Breloom responded, launching more spores their way. Jangmo-o, however, jumped up, intercepting as much of the attack as he could, blocking most of the powder while not succumbing to its effects as all, as though protected by some sort of Overcoat.

"Gah, so what? Just swat it out of the way!" snarled the grunt.

"Jang!" Jangmo-o exclaimed, shooting a sudden Leer at Breloom, unnerving it significantly.

"Are you kidding me!" exploded the grunt. "Use Mega Punch right now and get that little runt the hell outta-"

"Now! Sky Attack!" Willa interrupted.

"DOOOOODUOOOOOOO!" Doduo cawed, her throats having recovered enough for her to be able to make sound by this point. In the distraction Jangmo-o created, Willa had whispered to Doduo to start charging up Sky Attack. And now, Doduo was more than ready to go, as she proved by ramming into Breloom at full speed, who was pushed into the grunt, knocking them both over. The impact with the ground, Willa found, had knocked the grunt out, with his Breloom unconscious just from the Sky Attack. Willa and Doduo exchanged looks and nods, and ran for it.

As they got to the end of the canyon, they slowed down, coming to a stop to catch their breath. Willa tensed up as she heard rapid footfalls behind her, but as she wheeled around, she saw it was the Jangmo-o from before. "Oh, it's you," Willa murmured, looking relieved and grateful. "You saved us back there. Thank you," she said with a polite bow.

"Jang, jangmo," Jangmo-o responded courteously, bowing back as best he could being on all fours.

"You have a lot of courage," Willa said with a faint smile. "Taking on an opponent much larger than you. I admire that."

"Jangmo!" Jangmo-o exclaimed intently, looking up at Willa.

Willa's smile widened. She knelt down, digging an Ultra Ball out of her bag. "Would you like to come with me?" she inquired.

"Mo-o!!!" Jangmo-o exclaimed, ramming his Heart Scale-shaped head scale into the Ultra Ball's button. Jangmo-o was sucked into the sphere, which wobbled around in Willa's hand, more out of excitement than anything else, before falling still. Satisfied with this, Willa and Doduo started the long walk back home.

OOC: Claiming my Jangmo-o (and picking up Nagini and Perform in the process). No nickname, Overcoat for the Ability, and Ultra Ball #3 of 10.
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