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Round 14

His Exploud fainted from a combination of too much damage and my secret desire to see Dave lose every match he's in, the bearded one extends and arm to and does the weird buttonless thing that triggers the return beam. Doing the second buttonless motion to make his ball INEXPLICABLY SHRINK, he tosses out the sixth pokéball of the match. Emerging with a clack of his pincers and a look of contempt for his ghostly opponent, Gorrath the Crustle looks ready for battle. A decent balance of three weaknesses to two resistances still considered pretty good, Gorrath could struggle with only Rock Smash to call upon, but perhaps clever use of less direct techniques will net Dave the win.

Opening with a move that in my opinion is ridiculous, Dave orders an X-Scissor, to be fired off at range! Gorrath stretches, charging Bug energy in to his claw tips, before sharply crossing them and releasing the energy in a brilliant X shape towards the shining gems of the Sableye's eyes. Almost simultaneously, Keaira charges an orb of Water typed energy between her hands, strafing towards the petrified forest as she goes. This is Water Pulse, a third generation move also sporting two uses. The Dark and Ghost type looses the resulting orb as Gorrath's attack picks up speed. The projectiles pass each other, striking their targets nice and cleanly. Gorrath roars as the super effective attack strikes him in the shell, its damage reduced slightly by the strong defence but still significantly painful. Across the way, Keaira takes the hit to the side of her body as she attempts to scrabble to safety. She flinches from the pain, but gets a foothold nonetheless (there's only so much I'll let you abuse "without using a move").

His mind filled with thoughts of icy golems and freeze rays, Dave continues with a Bulldoze. Gorrath rears up high, before pummelling the ground hard and sending out a number of Ground typed energy shockwaves. Keaira is shaken up. Although she largely avoids the damage by holding on to her tree bark perch, she can't maintain the grip and falls down on her behind, taking a bit of damage that way instead. Her eyes glinting, she follows her second orders to fire a Power Gem. This Rock typed special attack is decent enough at causing pain to Bug types and flies out with great glitter and aesthetic fanfare. This time she hits her mark more perfectly, hitting Gorrath right in the chops! The Bug and Rock type grimaces from this familiar poison, but the match is still all to play for as the two face off through the thickening mists of the arena.

So, heavy damage to Gorrath drops him below 3/4, but Keaira is heading swiftly for 3/4 herself. In terms of energy, there's not too much difference in expenditure for the round. Keaira is at 1/2 Water and Rock, while her total is still above 3/4. Gorrath's Ground fuels an Earthquake.

The two are quite far apart but can still basically see each other. Well enough to accurately target, anyway. The mists would now be a significant obstacle to sight if the distance were increased by much.
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