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See if you'd reffed confusion properly then this wouldn't have happened because I'd have a Secret Power's extra health.

"Return Brian, well battled despite the odds against you.

Gorrath, let's knock them down."

Gorrath: Male Crustle
Crustle: (Bug/Rock) - With a heavy shell of rock on its back, Crustle is a slow-moving Pokémon, having difficulty moving at much more than a fast crawl. However, Crustle’s shell is extremely hard and durable, granting it a boost in physical defence, though its vulnerable body will still take full damage.
Bugs can, in most cases, see in the dark. While most live in warm climates, they hate fire, and dislike cold.
Rock-types generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to unskilled (non-fighting) blows. However, most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. Rock-types prefer heat to cold.
Bio: One of the embodiments of defence on my squad, Gorrath is both strong and sturdy. While he bears little resemblance to his namesake owing to extreme tenuousness, he still hates opposing forces made of metal. Owing to this, he's studied the techniques of my various Fire-types, especially envious of Susan and her access to Lava Plume. With a few attempts, he managed to develop his own take on this move, trying to better defend himself.

Special Attack - Trebuchet (RK/FI):
Gorrath creates a sphere of Rock as he would Rock Wrecker, firing it upward in an arc to strike the opponent, taking considerable energy for equal damage. However, when specified, he puts a extra light amount of energy into the attack and ignites it, turning it into a fireball and causing it to deal considerable Fire damage for heavy energy overall. Gorrath has enough energy to use the Fire style twice per battle.
"Toss out a ranged X-Scissor to start, then rattle her with a Bulldoze."
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