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Round 13

Definitely didn't forget about this last night...

Recalling his fallen Mismagius, Sneezey skips to another generation with his third selection. This time, it's Keaira, a female Sableye who has an I_D style sig move which totally isn't Shadow Ball, as well as a fairly decent movepool generally and (almost) no weaknesses! A tough pokémon for Dave to crack, perhaps, particularly as he didn't bring any Fighting types.

As the fog thickens, the new arrival looks to act quickly and prevent herself from taking the brunt of a round's ear bashing. She glows pink and releases a wave of powder laced power at Brian. This is Secret Power, a staple move from the Hoenn games and nice way to try for status on your opponents. Brian tries to use Protect to stave off the damage, but Keaira is too quick. With a soft pattering of spores, the attack hits home, knocking the last of the health out of Brian's bar and in to the ether. As the fog thickens once more, becoming much more of an obstacle that when it first graced the scene, Brian faints. Swirly eyes adorn his face and Sneezey smiles in satisfaction.

Brian Blessed is unable to battle!

Just a Secret Power from Keaira. She's ready for more.
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