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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
This is amazing.

I'm sad to say that I only gave Game of Thrones my attention as it was coming up to the fourth season premiere. Safe to say that I became hooked and caught up with the first three seasons just in time for S4E01 to air.

Since then, I've spent the last couple of months attempting to plough my way through A Song of Ice and Fire. Almost finished A Feast For Crows and have both A Dance with Dragons books on standby (Glad I'm a UK reader, don't think I could manage that or A Storm of Swords in one book!)

Got to say I prefer the original series no end, but the show could be a much worse adaptation. Still, I'm really gutted at the lack of

Spoiler: show
Lady Stoneheart, that undead babe

Here's hoping that'll be rectified in season five, though!
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