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Originally Posted by Myles Fowl II View Post
A big issue I don't think I've seen touched: disappearing battlers. Let's say I'm reffing Abbot versus Costello, and both suddenly go AWOL without a TA. The match was in the final matchup. Without either battler, the match cannot be concluded by DQ. Do rules exist that would allow a ref to get credit for what's been done so far after a given amount of time? If they exist, are they well known? Something to consider.
Going off of this, possibly a nice way to do things might be that refs get SP by KO rather than in a lump sum at the end of the battle. This way, bonuses can reset so if you lose your 48 hour in the first matchup, when the second matchup comes around you have a reason to gun for 48 hours per reffing again. Additionally, this would make it so people who get replaced will always get their fair share of the SP, and won't have to just pray that the person who refs the last half of the last matchup of the 6v6 they've spent the last month(s) reffing isn't a total asshat. This would also solve the above problem mentioned by Myles- The ref would get SP for all KOs that have happened as they happened, so when Abbot and Costello disappear at the end of the matchup it doesn't matter.

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