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Originally Posted by unownmew View Post
I'm not sure what you mean by "transporting" energy, but I wasn't referring to the cost of using that power, I was referring to the energy cost of producing the tools to gather those energies.
By transported he means get it on the electric grid so people can, you know, actually use it.

Originally Posted by unownmew
It takes more energy to build a solar cell, or wind turbine (from the base materials), transport to location, and set up, then those instruments will ever be able to pay back after installed.

And besides that, both are unreliable. Solar Cells can only charge when the sun is shining, and turbines will only move and generate energy when the wind is blowing.
Over all, it's a net energy Loss to use these forms of energy, at the moment, at least.
Solar cells have the capability to store power you know, it's not like they gather energy and then it all disappears in the night. And wind turbines are placed in places where there is wind so then they can generate electricity. For example, I used to live in the Texas panhandle and it was quite windy there regularly (and I saw quite a few wind turbines as well). Wind is just air diffusing from high pressure to low pressure, there's plenty of wind to go around.

Originally Posted by unownmew
Nuclear is a tad iffy, but it's not nearly as dangerous as it's commonly portrayed. And yes, Nuclear Fusion will likely be the end all of energy sources once it's workable, and perfected.
Honestly, I think that the usefulness of nuclear energy is overshadowed by the severity of like, one meltdown in history. I agree with everyone on the fusion thing.
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