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Athena wouldn't call herself punctual. In fact, she preferred the concept of being 'fashionably late', arriving to events or parties after they had already started, and sliding comfortably into the already created atmosphere.

She had no idea what was early or late in this case. The Hatchery had informed her to come back in a weeks time, and here she was. She rationalized that, whichever it was, it wouldn't matter. After all, she was recieving a new friend. She only hoped that she hadn't kept the new arrival waiting too long. She had brought Mille along, thinking the little one might like the bright and cuddly Stufful. Mille had refused to be carried on the way, nearly giving Athena a black eye in the process. Athena had given up on bringing her, until she noticed the stuffed Pokemon had followed her when leaving her Secret Base. The pair entered the Hatchery, both equally curious as to what would be waiting.

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