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Originally Posted by AshsBabyLapras View Post
Hearing the commotion that Patches has stirred up by just trying to make her way into the Hatchery, Miss Lulu scurries out to the lobby to see what's going on. Stumbling over herself, the trainer staggers up to the front desk, met by the nursery attendant's usual warm smile. Miss Lulu rubs Mio behind the ears as she nods at Patches' excited words. "Yes, of course I remember you," she says reassuringly, but then the brunette's face turns solemn. "...I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but that was no egg, just a strangely rounded rock."

She barely has time to watch the trainer's expression before she cracks a grin. ", no, of course I'm kidding!" Miss Lulu giggles. "Oh, I do hope you didn't take my little gag too seriously. You just seem so thrilled to see the new baby, and... well. Come through, come through!" She beckons Patches and more or less skips through to the nursery area. As the two women pass through the doorway, Miss Lulu bows deeply, her conscience having caught up with her. "I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't joke like that!"

Looking sheepish, the nursemaid drops to the floor alongside the hatchling, who immediately scuttles over and places his tiny front feet up on Lulu's leg. It's obvious that this Pokémon isn't exactly light, but the young lady in her ruffled attire doesn't seem at all bothered by the weight bearing down on her. "I guess I've just been in a silly mood from playing with this little guy," she says, letting her tongue hang out of her mouth as she shakes her head from side to side. Though this Pokémon's face seems more like a mask than anything, he's clearly delighted and makes his own best ridiculous face back at her. Miss Lulu giggles again and the baby beams with pride.

"I'm sure he'll bring a lot of joy into your life," she says, turning her attention back to Patches. "He's something special!" Affectionately, she strokes the horn-like protrusion coming from the Pokémon's head, but winces and pulls her hand away after a moment or two. She blows some warm air onto her fingers, rubbing her hands together to get the blood flowing again. "And a pretty cool customer, too, I must say. I hope you'll get along!"

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Patches, who was very much unable to contain her excitement, was leaning over the counter toward Miss Lulu anxiously waiting to hear the news. The news was very unexpected, apparently what she had brought wasn’t an egg at all and was just a rock. Patches’ smile begins to grow wider as she momentarily imagines what it’s going to be like taking care of such a special looking rock but, she doesn’t have time to think about it for long before Miss Lulu explains that she was kidding. She is momentarily disappointed but realizes that there is still probably a special rock out there for her somewhere.

Filled with eagerness, she begins to follow Miss Lulu through a door into the nursery. Miss Lulu apologizes again for the joke and Patches responds with a smile then begins to glance around the room looking for the hatchling. That’s when the nursemaid drops to the floor and Patches watches as a Bergmite happily hurries over to her and they seem to have some fun being silly together before she introduces Patches to the Pokemon.

Patches can hardly believe it, there is what looks like a living rock made out of ice right in front of her. It seems like she is already getting her very own special rock that she had momentarily hoped for earlier after all. “My very own rock!!” She says as she runs up and kneels down onto her knees so she can get a closer look. That’s when the Bergmite gives Patches that same silly look it was trying to mimic earlier. Patches giggles at the silly Pokemon and then reaches out to pet him a couple times before having to pull away from the coldness. Her eyes are filling up with happy tears as she looks at her new Pokemon. “I’m just so happy, I know you’re going to fit right in! I can’t wait until you get to meet everyone! I think I’m going to call you… Yuki!” She stands back up and turns to Miss Lulu and then bows over and over. “Thank you so much for taking care of my egg! I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you! We will be on our way now, but if I ever run into another egg I’ll definitely be leaving it in your care again!” She turns toward Yuki and bends down, grabbing onto his sides in an attempt to pick him up so that she can carry him out the door but has no such luck. “Oh you’re quite heavy aren’t you…”

Mio, who had been watching this entire time, walks over to Yuki and has a little happy chat with him. He nods and walks over to Patches indicating that he is ready to go. “Oh, so you’ll just be following us then? That’s a great idea!” Patches begins to practically skip out of The Hatchery. She waves bye to Miss Lulu on her way out the door and also thanks the trainer who was kind enough to hold the door for her and the Bergmite that was following closely behind. “Welcome to the family, Yuki!”

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