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As Patches is heading back out on her next adventure, a rather muscular young man holds the door open for her. He's inside the Hatchery before Miss Lulu has a chance to get back to her quarters, but she was anticipating his arrival anyway. "Ah, hello Jayson! How wonderful it is to be able to introduce trainers to multiple new arrivals in a single morning!" Wasting no more time, she hurries back down the hall, leading the way for the next expectant trainer of the day.

For just a second, Miss Lulu gives her still chilly hands a shake, flexing her fingers as she scans the room. "Now, where did that cheeky little lady get to this time..." Jayson is startled by a sharp poke at one of his legs. Fortunately, the thick brown denim he sports protects his calf from any real pain from the claw jabbing at him. In the blink of an eye, Miss Lulu is on the creature, scooping her up before her segmented stinging tail can be put into use. The young woman shakes her head sternly, clucking her tongue. "Uh-uh, we mustn't play tricks on Jayson now. He's here to look after you. Let's be nice, okay?"

The purple tangle of claws locks the trainer in her gaze, but there's no malice or anger in her enormous blue eyes. She's merely trying to offer a greeting the best way she knows how. Instead of another strike, she tries waving her pedipalps from side to side. "There, that's much better," coos Miss Lulu encouragingly. After a quick farewell cuddle, she lifts the Pokémon up towards the considerably taller trainer's arms. "She's a scamp, but a good girl at heart. You'll take good care of her, won't you?"

Jayson has hatched a lv. 1 female Skorupi! Your Pokémon knows the Egg Move Feint Attack.
Jayson had barely slept a wink all week. He was far too anxious, the mystery of the Enigma Egg plagued his mind. Its contents were unknown to him, for all he knew it could be one of his favourite Pokemon or possibly one of the few Pokemon he despised! He pleaded to Arceus, please could he just have a Pokemon that he liked, he didn't want to abandon a newborn but there was a chance he would have to. As he makes his way into the Hatchery, Jayson passes another trainer, a young woman smitten with her new acquisition. Jayson hoped he would be that happy, surely he was due for a little luck.

Making his way towards the counter, he is met by the kindly carer Miss Lulu, who seemed ecstatic about the rush of activity this morning. She led him down the hall, Jayson had to steady himself, he was close to bursting with excitement. They finally reach a room and while Miss Lulu is looking for his new Pokemon, Jayson quickly becomes acquainted with it. A sharp jab in the leg sees Jayson spin around to face a Skorupi. Miss Lulu quickly scoops the bug type up, not wanting it to strike again.

"Hahaha, it's alright I have dealt with much worse than that", chuckled Jayson. He reached out to accept the Skorupi, she was fairly big for a newborn, larger than any other Skorupi he had seen in fact. She was definitely a great fit for his team as well, her sharp stingers and armoured carapace would serve her well in the fights to come, now he just needed to think of a name for her. Racking his brain for a fitting heroine, Jayson eventually settled on one, Trieu. "How do you like the name Trieu?" The Skorupi chatters happily, her white mandibles grate together. Holding up a spare Pokeball, Jayson taps it on the Skorupi's head, drawing it inside. "Thank you for everything Miss Lulu! I will take great care of her, hopefully I will see you again soon." Jayson waved goodbye and made his way out of the Hatchery, absolutely stoked with his new Skorupi.

Picking up my lv. 1 female Skorupi with Egg Move Feint Attack! Naming her Trieu, putting her in a Pokeball and declaring her ability Battle Armour. THANKS ABL!

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