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Patches was walking at a brisk pace while snuggly holding an egg in her arms. “I’m not sure why this egg arrived on our doorstep but I’m pretty excited to find out what’s going to hatch from it, are you excited too Mio?” She says to the Pikachu on her shoulder. Mio lets out a happy “Pika!” in response, for once she is also feeling excited for what’s to come. Normally, Mio is filled with worry about what her trainer will get into next but this time she can agree that hatching this egg actually is a pretty exciting idea. After finally reaching her destination, Patches bursts through the Hatchery’s doors while being careful not to disturb the egg. She runs right up to the first person she sees, a woman in a ruffled pastel dress, and places the egg into her arms without any second thought. “Please take care of this for me!”

Dropping off Enigma Egg for incubation!
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